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Villa LRA, inspired by architecture masters

Raed Abillama Architects

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Raed Abillama Architects

The idea for the project came from the owner/architect's desire to relocate the upbringing of his two children to what might be equated to a family compound, which he shares with his parents and brothers. The aim was to create the largest garden possible, to be surrounded by trees in a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of urban life, despite the area’s density. Part of the concept was to derive and integrate the massing of the villa from the surrounding landscape and environment.

The villa is one of four houses, which make up a whole of private and communal family grounds. The essential design of the project is based on a composition of different ‘boxes’ defined by different materials. These boxes work to heighten integration within the surroundings, and to limit the impact of total volume and scale, which encompasses five floors in total.

As a whole, the home was situated as close as possible to one edge of the lot. The aforementioned boxes were set at an angle to each other. The first lies parallel to the property’s northern boundary; the second is aligned with the sea to the west. In between is a triangular space into which he inserted an arresting staircase that connects each of the house’s five floors.

Villa LRA tackles the notion of sustainability through its integration with the site and sourced local materials for construction. To reduce the carbon footprint through heating and cooling, the villa's walls are double-layered and insulated with Low-E Glazed openings, aided by the cantilevered 1st floor massing which provides natural shading for the large double height Ground Floor. The Villa’s backyard and Roof levels host organic seasonal farming areas for the direct and extended family to indulge in with the coastal Mediterranean weather.
Villa LRA has won a Green Good Design Award.

The ground floor offers double height ceilings to create a sense of space and maximize the presence of the sea as a focal point, as well as the 28-meter long infinity pool. The open kitchen, dining and reception areas all benefit. The first floor, where the main bedrooms, family area and music room are located, embodies a more enclosed feel, appropriate to the more intimate scale. However, the use of large windows in the family area and main bedroom still invite the sea view in. Another floor up, the roof level is home to a children’s play area, a guest bedroom, terrace garden with olive and pomegranate trees, as well as a smaller planting area. In addition to an 18-meter long indoor pool, office and guest areas can be found one level down from the ground floor. Both indoor and outdoor pools utilize the same Iranian travertine that can be found throughout the house, thereby connecting outside and in, as well as up and down. Other materials found on the pool floor include fair-face concrete, terrazzo with marble aggregate and oak wood. A pool-length window with wood detailing creates an effect of glass striping, which faces and frames the adjoining garden. All floors are joined by a sculptural staircase, which works as a centerpiece to the house and seems to defy gravity with thinly chiseled travertine appearing to float on the side unsupported by the wall.

Inspiration from Abillama’s Architectural heroes, from the likes of Tadao Ando and Renzo Piano, influence the Dbayeh residence, with its ribbons of exposed concrete paired with a wonderfully expressive titanium travertine continuing through to a judiciously placed swimming pool that blocks out views onto construction between the property and the coast. “The result, is that you have the impression of a continuity with the sea. It’s almost as if the Mediterranean comes right up to our living room.


 Private Residence
 2000 mq
 Raed Abillama Architects
 Raed Abillama Architects
 Built by Stein
 Stephan Julliard


Raëd Abillama Architects is an innovative and progressive award-winning architectural practice with an international portfolio of projects and broad experience in residential, commercial, retail and leisure commissions.
Led by founder and principal Raëd Abillama, the practice has extensive residential experience with apartment buildings and luxury single residences, both in Lebanon and further afield, including landmark projects in New York and beyond. The studio’s successes also include winery projects, restaurants and commercial buildings, with bank headquarters and offices prominent among them, as well as restorations of historic period structures.
The practice consists of over twenty architects, interior designers and structural engineers. The breadth of expertise within the studio offers clients the reassurance of a complete architectural and design service, encompassing each and every phase of a project.


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