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Villa Ferrari, an elegant and functional display space for a cars collector

Iraci Architetti

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Iraci Architetti

The owner, an avid car collector, expressed a desire to create a home where his cars could be the real stars. The design includes a basement with controlled pistons that bring the cars from the garage to the living area, where they will be displayed in all-glass showcases, becoming the focal point of the dining, living, and indoor/outdoor pathways. The villa has been conceived as a private space in which the functions of living are integrated with the exhibition paths.

The villa is situated in a privileged position by the sea, offering a panoramic view with direct access to the beach. The villa features large windows that create continuity between the interior rooms and the outdoor garden, while from the outside a large stone wall wraps the building like a fortress. Inside there are swimming pools both on the ground floor and on the upper floor terrace, and a patio on the ground floor all featuring local stone cladding.

The main goal of the project is to create an elegant and functional display space for the collector's cars. In the basement, pistons have been provided that lift the cars from the garage to the living area, where they will be displayed in all-glass showcases. This solution allows the cars to become the stars of the dining, living, and indoor and outdoor areas, allowing guests to admire them from different perspectives. The design includes large windows along the facades of the building, creating a strong visual continuity between the indoor spaces and the outdoor garden. This architectural choice allows guests to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and make maximum use of natural light, creating a bright and open atmosphere inside the home. The exterior of the villa is characterized by a large stone wall that wraps around the building, giving a sense of security and privacy. This architectural choice creates an interesting contrast to the modern and elegant interior, in which cars play a central role.

In addition to the car display aspect, the project will provide a high level of living comfort; large living spaces, spacious bedrooms and relaxation areas are planned, all designed to provide a luxurious and pleasant living experience. The villa will be designed to harmonize with the surrounding natural environment, with a design that blends harmoniously with the coastline and seascape.


 1430.00 mq
 Iraci architetti
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