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My little big world, a villa based on a fluid inward-oriented atrium


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The client wishes to build a house on a relatively large plot of land in Rogaska Slatina´s single-family house area. The plot is slanted towards its east side. The client´s main desire is privacy.

The house is based on a fluid inward-oriented atrium for the sake of privacy. It is closed towards the neigboring houses and opened towards the centre – the atrium, which represents the focal point of the entire home and offers places for socializing and other activities.
Because of the specific location of Rogaska Slatina – widely known for thermal pools – we took inspiration for the terraced, organic shaped atrium from the world famous natural terrace pools Pomukkale in Turkey.

The green roof of the house is moulded with the natural sorroundings. The green hills flow through the atrium and towards the front yard. The entirety of living spaces are lifted above the height of the yard. The home offers open views towards the east and over the neighboring buildings.

The outdoor yard surfaces follow the terraced »thermal pools« concept and coherently unite with the house and sorroundings. The straight level roof of the house uses greenery fort he same purpose.

From the west side there is a yard creating private spaces and allowing for a paved terrace and pool. Above the atrium is a stair-like green hill with tall planters.

From the east side there is service yard with terazzo paving, which allows for access to the home.

The building utilizes the energetic and thermal conditions which influence it. The green roof offers an ideal thermal environment while allowing for additional green surfaces. Shading is reached through semi-natural solutions that require little technological intervention. The east facade consists of glass with horizontal shaders. The glass surfaces in the atrium are shaded with the elongation of the flat roof and outdoor curtains.

The focal point is not the house´s volume, but rather the terraced atriums, which connect the outdoor and indoor spaces. The fluid interlacing of the atriums together with the house creates a unique spacial and living experience.
The yard flows towards the entrance of the house. There is the garage along with a wine cellar and the entrance stairs. The stairs connect the service areas with the living spaces above, which are oriented towards the hills. This is where the main living spaces with the kitchen and work area are located. On the north side of the home is a guest bedroom with a toilet and a work space. The south part is reserved for two children´s rooms with an adjoining bathroom.
The main design element which follows the atriums shape is scarp shaped stone. The two outdoor structural walls are finished with brushed concrete with the look of terazzo. The north and south elevations are covered in natural stone. The roof is extensively green. The interior contains non-load-bearing drywalls. The floor finish is wood and the ceilings are covered in exposed concrete. Outdoor yard surfaces are made of washable concrete – terazzo. The terrace is made of quality wooden slabs.

I liked the project at first sight. Over time, I realized that the house was intelligently designed. I especially like the dual nature of the house: the outdoor space in front of the house and the inner atrium, which gives the house its soul.


 Rogaška Slatina
 348 mq
 Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Špela Gliha, Vesna Sindičič
 Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Špela Gliha
 Visualisation: Spacer


SUPERFORM is an architecture company from Slovenia, founded by Marjan Poboljšaj and Anton Žižek in 2001. It is successfully active in the field of architecture, interior, design and urban planning.
Superform introduces a new approach: architecture is an experience, which we sense on the three levels of perception: a. The mental level, b. The sensual level, c. The physical level.
In the Superform bureau, we create responsible and recognisable architecture that expresses our client’s identity. Together with our clients, we cocreate and upgrade the built environment for a more beautiful world.
We believe in architecture as something beyond function and form. It is a multi-layered experience based on stories and adventure. We create a tangible experience that can be felt or simply enjoyed.
Awards: Architizer: Finalist 2022, 2016, BigSee: Winner 2022, The Plan Award: Winner 2019, 2018, Archdaily: Nomination 2018

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