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In Villa E, the exterior merges with the interior

Spazio MEL

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Spazio MEL

VILLA E is a project that arose from the client's need for a home characterized by an attractive, contemporary and elegant design.

The design will was based on two fundamental points, the first one was to perfectly graft VILLA E within the surrounding landscape, while the second was to reflect the most authentic part of the client, creating a temple, a refuge, but above all a secure base. Hence the idea of the diamond within the Skyline of Monte Conero was born.

Villa E stands in the heart of the Marche region, in Loreto, close to Mount Conero. Exterior space merges with interior space in a play of connections between the inside and the outside.

With its three levels of housing, Villa E becomes a place to live and share with guests to project toward the infinity of the peaks of Mount Conero and the horizons of the Marche coastline, thanks to its large panoramic terrace.

Of particular interest is the roof, in fact this is carved almost as if it were a diamond. The inspiration comes from the skyline of Mount Conero.

The entire villa takes the form of a single white block that closes completely to the north and opens along the west - east - south elevations. A "black ribbon" recessed in the plaster interrupts the fronts with continuity and highlights the 2 m overhang created to give shade to the east side, especially during the summer season. The roofing is one of the highlights of this project, the sloping cuts create interesting slopes at the top of each front and especially on the north side to which they give a unique and iconic stylistic conformation.
Overhangs designed with the supporting structure create pleasant shaded areas for the terrace and the main entrance, while the ground floor recedes from the street front. The surface is managed to the fullest and allows freedom for the swimming pool on one side and the ramp to the garage on the other.

We were able to create a unique and sophisticated design within the Marche landscape by going to work with finishes, castings and materials, but without straying from the main goal of creating a cozy and unique retreat. The combination of colors and materials creates a perfect stylistic and chromatic continuity that served to implement functionality of the vertical connection and break down the concept of a separate dwelling by horizontal planes


 221 mq
 Arch. Michele Della Vecchia
 Spazio MEL


spazioMEL was founded in 2008 and immediately immersed itself in the world of private and public architecture and engineering. The main activity is related to research in the field of design and the creation of architecture at different scales of intervention, from the object, to the building, to the urban project.
The studio organizes projects for its clients in all its parts (architectural, structural, interior design project) in a synergistic manner.
Some of the completed projects are: CENA in Nusco, MUVIM in Montemarano, MUCAM museum and LUMO in Montella, Villa E in Loreto, CASA LM in Atripalda, CASA LC in Avellino, AGIO COMFY PLACE in Civitanova Marche, FARU' PARRUCCHIERI in Avellino, CASA MITO LENOTECA in Nusco and LACENO BIKE PARK in Bagnoli Irpino.


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