Studio MK27 - Flag House, a glass box mirroring the landscape
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Flag House, a glass box mirroring the landscape

Studio MK27

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Studio MK27

The project is a vacation home for a private client, who spends most of their time in Vancouver, and was after a retreat – both for escaping the city with their family of four, and for hosting guests and entertaining. The idea was to create a home that felt at one with their environment, with the same connection between indoor and outdoor here as we have in warmer climates. Therefore, the base would be a big glass box, that could open up the interiors to the surrounding nature and invite the outside in. The idea was that the volume would appear weightless, as if floating above the ground.

The structure was positioned in its angled plot so as to make the most of the views, and was designed across three levels; a semi-sunken lower ground, which contains the garage and a cellar; a first floor containing a guest bedroom and the pedestrian entrance, including a pool deck; and a grand piano nobile, which is wrapped in swathes of glass and becomes the primary living space. Due to its clever design and embedding into the hill, Flag House feels like a single storey home – but it is in fact a huge cantilever. The surroundings are constantly reflected on its façade, bringing a layer of nature into the indoors at every turn.

Winner / *Wallpaper Design Awards. Best Sky Retreat / UK / Flag house

To emphasise further the connection between building and land, the team worked with natural materials such as Dinesen oak, and local Ocean Pearl Flagstone, which clad large parts of the home, in combination with its concrete base and metal upper frame. As a result, the home is perfectly in sync with its surroundings, and well-thought-out on all levels – from construction techniques and engineering systems, such as insulation and waterproofing, to functionality and style.

The main challenge of this project was to create a strong connection between internal and external spaces, typical of studio mk27 project in tropical climate, but in this case, in Whistler, a ski station in Canada where winters are harsh. The research for spaces able to create this feeling of belonging to the surrounding nature without foregoing the necessary insulation for the house. The result was a glass box leaning on another. This gesture, of projecting outwards the mountain, of flotation over he site respond to the wish of integration with the landscape. In contrast with the transparente upper volume, the basement is a metalic surface that, in a way, merged with the snow.



 Family house
 1130 mq
 Marcio Kogan, Suzana Glogowski and Diana Radomysler
 Elisa Friedman, Eline Ostyn, Pedro Ribeiro, Carlos Costa, Mariana Simas, Nathalia Lima
 Evoke International Design (local architect), Linden projects (builder)
 Allworth Design (landscape design)
 Fernando Guerra


Studio MK27 located in city of São Paulo was founded in the late 70’s by architect Marcio Kogan and today is comprised of 50 architects and various collaborators worldwide. Kogan is an honorary member of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture) and Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He leads a team of architects who, for the most part, have been working with him for over a decade. The team, coordinated by four directors, is constituded by three main squads: the interior design team, lead by Diana Radomysler, the architecture team, lead by Suzana Glogowski and Renata Furlanetto and the communications team, lead by Mariana Simas. The team, great admirers of the Brazilian modernism generation, seeks to fulfill the task of rethinking and giving continuity to this iconic architectural movement. The projects of Studio MK27 place value on formal simplicity and attention to details. In 2025 Studio mk27 will represent Brazil at Expo Osaka, designing the new edition of the pavilion.

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