INGAR Progetti - Allure 66, a perfect symbiosis between volumetric simplicity and expressive refinement
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Allure 66, a perfect symbiosis between volumetric simplicity and expressive refinement

INGAR Progetti

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INGAR Progetti

The design idea comes from the overlapping of two parallelepipeds positioned at right angles to each other, so that large areas of shade are identified for the outdoor living area and for car parking. The enveloping lines are very simple, the composition is enriched by large windows and dark gray decorative backgrounds and portions in exposed reinforced concrete. The volume corresponding to the first floor is visually enclosed in two white shells. The living area is developed at double height.

The planned villa is part of an urban plan located in a semi-peripheral urban context with heterogeneous construction dating back mostly to the 80s of the last century. The south side of the lot is completely open towards the valley of the Stura river, with a wonderful view of the Alps. The building was conceived as a sort of shell closed towards the three urban sides, in order to give a lot of privacy to domestic life, while it will be completely glazed and permeable towards the landscape and the garden.

The real strength of the project is the perfect symbiosis between volumetric simplicity and expressive refinement, obtained through the composition of a few refined finishing materials and the contrast of colours. Furthermore, the cantilevered volumes give a lot of dynamism to the composition. Another strong point is the attention given to the use of windows: a single visual breach crosses the building from north to south at the entrance. Everything else is impenetrable. From inside the living room you can enjoy the panorama and the private garden through huge floor-to-ceiling sliding windows.

“The INGAR Progetti studio has conceived a truly elegant home for us: simple and sophisticated at the same time, contemporary. We are proud and happy to carry on this project.”


 Fossano (CN)
 FABAL s.s.
 446 mq
 Arch. Federico Barbero
 Arch. Valentina Bruno, Arch. Serena Anfossi, Ing. Roberto Barge, Arch. Barbara Bersia, Arch. Rebecca Cagnotto, Geom. Marco Lingua


INGAR Progetti s.r.l. is an architectural firm seriuosly involved in promoting and applying sustainable architectural design across the board. Environmental issues such as economic, social and ecological sustainability are considered from the initial stages of each project. The structure of INGAR Progetti welcomes our goal of being a flexible partner in demanding projects: we are committed every day to fast and efficient processes and we constantly renew our working techniques. We have designed private homes, residential complexes, office buildings and production plants, schools, sports facilities, healthcare and accommodation facilities. By studying, innovating and experimenting, we have been doing architecture for 45 years.

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