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Sportzentrum St. Martin: more than sports, a proper civic center

Campomarzio + Moresco Michele Architect

Sport&Leisure  /  Completed
Campomarzio + Moresco Michele Architect

The project concerns the construction of the new sports center of the Municipality of San Martino in Passiria. The sports area is located immediately to the east of the town's urbanized settlement, squeezed between the state road and the Passirio River. It is characterized by a complex of outdoor swimming pools built in the late 1960s and by four tennis courts. The northernmost is used in winter as an ice skating rink.
The client wanted to create a new central building located in the area between the swimming pools and the tennis courts, which would become the center for all the sports activities in the area. In this sense, the project was conceived not only as a sports facility, but as a real civic center, a new public space for the community.

The concept of the project is generated from the arrangement of the external space, which has been raised to the level of the promenade and the pedestrian bridge over the Passirio, connecting the difference in height between the swimming pool area and the one dedicated to tennis courts through the building. The project subdivides the program into two distinct rectangular volumes, which generate a new external public space by shifting between each other. It is a small square, which collects the pedestrian flows coming from the bridge over the Passirio River and from the town center, defining a meeting place and a new access to the outdoor swimming pool complex.

The project works through few simple elements. It is composed by pure and contemporary geometric shapes, but it is rooted in the place through its materials. Larch wood covers the bar and “stube”, giving warmth and atmosphere to the interior space. Dark pigmented exposed concrete is used in order to better integrate the building within the natural tones of the context. Local aggregates are used for the concrete and for the paving of the external paths and the square, evoking the texture of the gneiss from the Val Passiria, a local stone which has been used for the bar counter. The building has been certified as Klima Haus - A.

The bar is conceived as an extension of the external space and as a transparent volume overlooking the square. It is located between the tennis courts and the skating rink to the south and the outdoor swimming pools to the north. When the large windows open, the internal space of the bar expands towards the outside. The large projecting roof, which forms a strong horizontal element in a landscape characterized by the mighty mountains of the Val Passiria, mediates between internal and external space in a single spatial continuum. In the main building the large roof is supported by two volumes. The first is completely covered in wood and contains the most intimate and reserved space of the “stube” within it. The second, harder and more hermetic, is made of exposed reinforced black concrete. This latter block accommodates the changing rooms for the various sports activities characterized by color (blue for skating, orange for tennis, marine green for swimming) as well as by large overhead skylights which emphasize the indoor/outdoor relationship.

The design of the new sports center was a great challenge for the architects: 4 different sports activities with a common bar had to be hosted in a single structure. From the beginning the winning project convinced the municipal administration and later in the construction phase it was carried out to the full satisfaction of the Municipality. The structure is very functional and compact and the functions and paths are well planned and coordinated with each other.


 S. Martino in Passiria
 Comune di S. Martino in Passiria
 Centro sportivo
 1200 mq
  2,500,000.00 €
 Campomarzio + Moresco Michele Architect
 Campomarzio + Moresco Michele Architect
 Davide Perbellini


Campomarzio is an architectural collective firm which merges practical and theoretical expertise within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research, and visual communication, to develop projects and strategies for public and private clients. Founded in 2012 Campomarzio is run by five partners: Pietro V. Ambrosini, Michele Andreatta, Alessandro Busana, Daniele Cappelletti and Enrico Lunelli. The collective counts on the collaboration with the philosopher and sociologist Teresa Pedretti. The plurality of its founders and the different international academic and professional experiences allow Campomarzio to develop a careful and meticulous design and research activity, with the aim to combine innovation and history. Campomarzio has won several national and international competitions and has published essays, theoretical researches and projects on San Rocco and Domus magazines and for Quodlibet and Lettera 22 publishers.


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