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Acinque Ice Arena creates a strong connection with the city's past

Arch. Giuseppe De Martino - Sportium

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Arch. Giuseppe De Martino - Sportium

The starting point for the design of the Acinque Ice Arena was the existing Varese’s Ice Palace, one of the historical place of the city. We wanted to maintain the original track to create an explicit connection with the past. In particular, two arches of the old structure have been retained, which allow to create a synergy between the old and the new complex, highly innovative. Thanks to that, Acinque Ice Arena is a place of strong connection between past and future: through the refurbishment of an historical place for citizens, the project has created a contemporary architecture, light and sustainable, able to respond to the needs of the present, according to design principles that look to the future.

The New Varese’s Ice Rink has involved the complete renovation of the historical Ice Palace of the city, built in the 80s, extremely lived, and loved by the citizens of Varese, which was closed before the pandemic without reopening. Acinque Ice Arena, in addition to creating a strong connection with the past of the city, it also establishes an intense link with the surrounding landscape. In fact, the huge window of the Acinque Ice Arena allows you to admire the Varese’s Sacro Monte, creating a unique place, closely integrated with the surrounding environment and characterized by a strong local identity.

The Acinque Ice Arena is an almost zero emission system, an innovative and sustainable structure that looks to the future. The new Ice Rink is conceived and built with an extremely efficient building envelope, which allows a considerable energy saving thanks to the lack of dispersion of heat or cold from the inside to the outside. In addition, the complex is nearly completely autonomous from an energetic standpoint: the structure is equipped with a latest generation photovoltaic park that absorbs almost all the energy needs. This equipment is combined with a solar thermal system that allows you not to have to use fossil fuels to produce the domestic hot water needed for the building.

The whole complex is characterized by a structure of semicircular beams in succession, made of laminated wood, which support a roof designed to insulate both from the thermal and from the acoustic point of view the entire Ice Rink. The impressive wooden arches are the monumental backbone of an avant-garde structure and help harmonize the new body of the structure with an existing part that has been deliberately preserved. The wooden structure creates a very pleasant, warm and welcoming environment and is completely sustainable since the wood at the end of life can be completely recycled. The structure houses a facility that is the most modern you can achieve today for the ice, characterized by a track of 60 x 30 meters, equipped with new generation balustrades, suitable for any level international competitions, and also adapt for Paralympic hockey competitions because they are equipped with transparent benches to ensure the complete visibility of competitions. The project also includes a new swimming pool, which is added to the existing one, thus multiplying the offer of water space. At the same time, the volume of the existing pool has been divided into two, halving its height, to set up a gym upstairs. The property completes with two padel courts that were made over the cover of the recreational pool.

"This is an important day for our city. A great achievement, since this is the first ready structure in view of the 2026 Olympics. A new regenerated plant, especially on the energy front that in recent years has become very important", Davide Galimberti, Mayor of Varese.


 A.e.VV. Impianti S.p.A.e Comune di Varese
 6700 mq
 Arch. Giuseppe De Martino
 Arch. Andrea Olivotto
 Costigliola Antonio Srl
 Intercom Leitner Srl (pista ghiaccio); Holz Albertani (Copertura in lamellare); EES Energy & Service S.r.l. (UTA); Ideal Control (impianti piscine); Regupol (Pavimentazione in gomma)
 Andrea Martiradonna


Giuseppe De Martino graduated in 1986 from the Polytechnic of Milan with 100/100. Motivated by his passion for sport obtains the second university Master’s degree in Sport Management – University of studies in Milan in 2003. He collaborates with important companies in the sports sector and was appointed Member of the Commission Facilities of the Italian Basketball Federation. Become a consultant and expert C.O.N.I. Lombardy, as a member of the working group plant engineering. De Martino is the Technical Director of Sportium, a part of Progetto CMR Group. Sportium is a recognized leader in the design and construction of world-class sports facilities. Their in-depth experience and knowledge of the latest regulations and technologies enable us to competently address the specific challenges of this project, offering innovative, state-of-the-art solutions in the field of sports facilities. De Martino brought the company to the final in the competition for the new Stadium in Milan.


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