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International Digital Sea Investment & Exhibition Center in Shanghai

HATCH Architects

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HATCH Architects

HATCH Architects is appointed to design the first building of the industrial zone—the business investment center of International Digital Sea. Inspired by the content and naming of International Digital Sea, we introduce the design concept of “Cloud Isle”. Through employing the method and aesthetic of high-tech architecture, we aspire to infuse a floating effect into the building. The roof of the exhibition center is light and soothing, and the facade is made of ultra-white glass, which gives the building a strong sense of permeability and makes it look like a thin cloud floating in the base from a distance. The eaves of the roof break the boundary between interior and exterior and draw in the relationship between people and nature.

The base is surrounded by woods, with a river in the middle and the Union Port on the north. With respect to nature, the design intention is to transform the central waters of the base to form a plunge waterfall, and let the main building stand on the river, making a good combination of architecture and landscape. In addition to the architecture, we are also commissioned to design landscape, interior, lighting and signage system. The result is an highly-professional piece of work of integrated disciplines.

When designing the landscape of the atrium, we attach to the principle of minimal interference. Trees and flowers that are familiar to the climate of Jiangnan area are selected, such as red maple, Japanese maple, and iris. The high-tech method is not only showcased on the surface - the hidden technologies guarantee a healthy and comfortable micro-environment in the building. Besides benefiting users of the building, the fresh air ventilation system, water recycling system, and water purification system also help to protect the surrounding nature, which is an important asset taken pride in by the Fengxian District.

The building features a free-flowing roof, which is formed with the assistance of parametric modeling. Combining creativity and technology, the roof is a manifestation of pure elegance.

Maintaining a simple and elegant form, the roof also serves the function of housing a complex combination of electromechanical equipments and piping systems. In order to locating and solving potential problems in prior to construction, we employ BIM model to design the roof. Throughout the process, HATCH works closely with multiple parties, including structural engineering team, facade and electromechanical experts, contractor, and material suppliers. Thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation, the construction is carried out smoothly and successfully.

The width of eave stretches to 8 meters, providing guests who arrive in vehicles with a shade from sun and rain. Besides, the scale of the roof is highly powerful and eye-catching.

Steel is generously applied in the main structure of the building. And we choose ultra clear glass for the facade, with the aim of blurring boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Looking at the building from afar, the ultra clear glass subtly blends into the greenery, while the white roof is hovering over like a piece of cloud.

We're honored to collaborate with HATCH Architects on the Digital Jianghai Investment Exhibition Center, our city's first landmark. Your professionalism and creativity showcase the unique charm and opportunities of Digital Jianghai. Your designs add tremendous value.


 Shanghai IDS Development Co., Ltd
 Exhibition, Office, Conference, Sales Center
 1900 mq
 David Wei
 Shao Danjun, Ganji, Zhao Yuanming, Lu Huiqin, Xu Jiawen, Wang Zhizheng, Wang Qian, Wu Jiechen, Dai Erqiang, Long Zhihai, Chen Yuzhe(Intern), Gao Weihang(Intern), Liu Jianfeng(Intern), Ren Qihao(Intern)
 LDI: Shanghai Jieyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd. - Landscape Design Team: Guo Meina, Wu Yue, Qing Lan, Peng Hui Zhen, Ni Danming, Jin Xin - Lighting Designer: Ni Jianmin - Signage Designer: Jiang Shan
 Qingyan Zhu


HATCH Architects is aninnovation-driven architecture + interior design company with Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) qualification. HATCH is founded in London. Web ring together imaginative designers and local experienced from around the world to jointly create creative and practical design solutions. We have rich design experience in the fields of office design, hotel design, exhibition design and renovation.
We costumize our design team for each project, and create sustainable design works based ona full understanding of the local environment and culture.


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