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Miamì store, featuring a fresh and youthful ambience


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The imperative to optimise the available space as much as possible generates a layout that exploits each reentrance. At the perimeter are the hanging racks, the display shelves, the cash desk and the dressing room; in the centre, a multifunctional table ensures the display of both hanging and standing products. The use of vivid colours and soft shapes is evocative of Wes Anderson's film sets, reminiscent of 1970s atmospheres. The space is conceived as a set of central perspectives, each enclosing a different set design.

The store initially has two separate openings and is enclosed on the outside by a frame that unifies the storefront with the front door, extending sideways with a stone insert enclosing the sign. The space expands outwards and with its stain of color significantly lights up a portion of the façade of the building in which it is inserted, with the aim of attracting attention along a particularly busy street. From the outside it is particularly visible especially in the evening hours, when the chromatic contrast is more evident.

The design idea starts from the clever use of color with uniform and compact backgrounds; the shades are full and intense. The palettes used are very vibrant and pastel. The combination of two colors in particular, which oppose each other, creates a unique and distinctive, almost metaphysical atmosphere. A mix of materials of the same shade generates a warm and cozy space: wood sometimes shows its natural characteristics by rounding on the edges. On the walls, full-bodied fabrics recall curtains. Arched structures made of plasterboard become a founding element of the project; they are distributed on the sides, like vestiges of a lost architecture, framing the central space and hiding the existing pillars.

The space, despite its modest size, is perfectly organized between display and relationship spaces. Its recognizable color scheme is one of the most appreciated aspects by customers because of the fresh and youthful ambience it creates.


 50 mq


The Sicilian architect started his career in the 80s as an interior designer of commercial spaces in most of the Italian territory. After several work experiences founded Studio Puleo Architettura, focusing his attention on the detail and the meticulous materials choice at the base of his design philosophy.
The result is a rational architecture that stands out for the harmonious combination of aesthetics and functionality, balancing between local craftsmanship and contemporary taste, respecting the context of the work. The studio operates both on a national and international level and develops hospitality, residential, retail, health, urban and interior design projects.



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