ATELIER L2 - The rebirth of the “Claude Debussy” music hall in Dinard, France
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The rebirth of the “Claude Debussy” music hall in Dinard, France


Renovation  /  Completed

This project involves the renovation of the music hall “Claude Debussy“within the Palace of Arts and Festivals in Dinard. France. The Debussy Room is an Italian-style venue, categorized as type L, used for auditions, conferences, meetings, shows, and other versatile purposes. It features a floor and balcony with a seating-capacity of 380 seats. It was in a deteriorated state and requires improvements in terms of accessibility, structural and acoustic as well as delivering an aesthetic consideration.

Located on the edge of the “Ecluse beach”, along the “Promenade des Alliés", the initial building was built around 1929. Formerly a balneum, it has undergone multiple modifications and extensions, with the most recent one dating back to 1970. The building hosts various cultural events throughout the year, including film festivals, exhibitions, theater and music performances, seminars, conferences, opening ceremonies and digital screenings.

As the project involved renovating the interior of the Music Hall « Claude Debussy » and adjoining areas, particular attention was paid to the overall ambience. The choice of colors, ranging from blue to gold, and the choice of materials were all carefully considered. Furthermore, one of the objectives of the restoration was to revive the Art Deco ambiance of the hall, which had almost completely vanished due to all the changes.

As part of the renovation, the balconies were reinforced using concrete and wood and the original stuccos from 1929 on the balconies and the stage frame were restored. A new false ceiling was installed to accommodate front lighting requirements. The stage walkways were completely reconstructed using steel and equipped with motorized technical system. The sound and lighting control rooms were refurbished and a new cinema control room, dedicated to festivals, was added on the bleachers, which can be dismantled as needed. Alongside the renovation, the seating arrangement was redesigned, and the seating capacity was increased to 220 seats on the floor and 190 seats in the balcony allowing for a total capacity of 450 seats. The seats were replaced with new ones in blue fabric and arranged in a curved configuration.

"After two years of renovation, the entire Palais des arts et du festival de Dinard is now operational. The Claude-Debussy Music Hall, in art deco colors, blue and gold, has been completely refurbished."


 550 mq
  1,235,000.00 €
 Atelier L2
 Atelier L2
 Pierre Lelièvre


Atelier L2 was founded in 2013 by Julie de Legge and Pierre Lelièvre in Rennes, France. The projects are diverse, ranging from collective housing to public buildings, from new constructions to rehabilitation.
The studio places a strong emphasis on experimenting a sensitive and cohesive approach to projects combining architecture and scenography through an interdisciplinary understanding. Each project is seen as an opportunity to highlight the unique qualities of the surroundings, as well as the specific needs and aspirations of the client. To achieve this, Atelier L2 develops tailored proposals that prioritize quality, used comfort and context-sensitive integration. The studio aims to transform constraints into programmatic, technical, regulatory or environmental advantages. Consequently, Atelier L2 approaches each project by establishing straightforward guidelines rooted in common sense, ensuring they align the program, site and users.

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