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Suiyue Art Museum, connecting past, present and future

Chinman Ngai

Renovation  /  Completed
Chinman Ngai

The project was initially a dental clinic with a European decorative style. During the renovation, the designers incorporated the concept of "bamboo" throughout the design and addressed the issue of single functionality caused by the original space constraints. It is not just an architectural element but a metaphor connecting the museum with the past, present, and future of its surrounding area. Bamboo signifies growth, resilience, and elegance, emphasizing the coexistence of the museum's contemporary minimalism and Chinese traditional implications.

The exterior façade and entrance of the exhibition hall were redesigned for interaction with the surroundings, using a simplified white wrapping for the building and utilizing windows as bidirectional connectors to local culture. The pure white building is delicately embedded within the original architecture. From a distance, the blank facade opens up a "window of breath" for the dense surroundings, allowing the bustle of the city to penetrate and return to tranquility.

The Suiyue Art Museum is located on Fangcao Street in the Chengdu High-tech Zone, adjacent to the Yulin neighborhood, known as a "cultural highland," and is surrounded by a vibrant local atmosphere. To accentuate the cultural values imbued by the community's unique characteristics, the designer have maximized the preservation of the existing façade and historical structures, opting for minimal renovation instead of reconstruction. In terms of lighting, natural light replaces part of the electric light, maximizing the use of existing resources to avoid excessive waste. This approach realizes sustainable development in both material and functional aspects.

Strategic Renovation: In order not to damage the original building and to preserve the traces of historical heritage, the designer took a 'small yet refined' approach to renovating the museum's façade. The designer used a white façade to cover 8% of the existing building, forming a substantial and neat block. The simple façade contrasts with the surrounding complexity, and the light and shadow projected on the white wall seem to blend with the surrounding environment while maintaining a certain distinctiveness. The floor-to-ceiling design of the entrance serves as a bidirectional communication medium between the museum and the passing crowd. In terms of materials, the focus is on a simple and comfortable experience without overly pursuing complexity of materials. Key areas and other areas have different material use plans to ensure the atmosphere of the space while controlling the budget. Challenges and Results: The multiple and complex beams and columns of the site resulted in a scattered division of space, a long and dark entrance passage, and a sense of dullness due to height constraints. In response, the designer used dispersed columns to divide the space and extend it, concealing columns within the walls. The foyer and the main exhibition hall are connected by the concept of "frames", and the layered levels enhance the ceremonial sense of the space and visually extend it.

To create a versatile space within limited space, capable of showcasing various forms of art, from traditional Chinese art to avant-garde contemporary pieces.


 400 mq
  128,000.00 €
 Chinman Ngai
 Sichuan Runzhiju Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd
 Su Shengliang


Chinman Ngai graduated from University of the Arts London,Founder& Chief Designer of DA INTEGRATING. he advocates "LESS FOR MORE" ,committed to the research of minimalist, pragmatism and art spaces, and incorporates it into design practices and daily life.By introducing light and nature, hope to create comfortable, growing and eternal spaces.

DA INTEGRATING is a creative solution provider for spaces of cross-border contemporary art. "D" represents design and pragmatism, while "A" means art. Chinman Ngai founded the design practice in London in 2013, with the aspiration for seamlessly integrating pragmatism and contemporary art into daily life. So far,we've created a great many contemporary art spaces, including but not limited to Shenzhen e MoCA,Sanya Museum of Contemporary Art,KENNAXU Gallery, Chengdu Suiyue Art and Tus Museum of Contemporary Art .

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