Armin Mohsen Daneshgar - Space Loft, modern design inspired by an innovative car concept
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Space Loft, modern design inspired by an innovative car concept

Armin Mohsen Daneshgar

Renovation  /  Completed
Armin Mohsen Daneshgar

As there is an automotive workshop located on the ground floor, I came up with the idea of enveloping the building with a car body. The modern design was inspired by an innovative car concept, utilizing materials such as metal and steel. The addition of the car roof-like rooftop extension adds a unique touch to the building's appearance. Furthermore, the previously plain facade has been revitalized with the addition of balconies, creating a new sense of dynamism.

Our project in Vienna's Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus district is situated right on the border between the 14th and 16th districts. It is not only well connected to public transportation (U3, S45), but is also just around the corner from the spacious green and sports paradise Schmelz. Futuristic design on the outside has been skillfully combined with industrial design on the inside, in order to maintain the original character of the building - a 60s-era construction - into the future. The two plai buildings were approximately 1 meter shorter and stood out as foreign objects in the historic cityscape. However, their height has now been adjusted to match that of neighboring buildings, resulting in a more contemporary facade that blends in harmoniously with the surroundings.

All facades have been very well insulated and all windows and doors have been replaced. The ancient oil heating system has been removed and replaced with district heating. We also provide heating for the old neighboring house from the same boiler room. Both houses have been converted.

As a result of these measures, the building's HWB (Heating Energy Demand) has been reduced from 199 kWh/m²a to 22 kWh/m²a (equivalent to an 89% reduction) and the annual CO2 emissions have been reduced by 115 tons.

All of our projects are environmentally friendly and we place a great emphasis on sustainable building practices.

The building was expanded by adding two new stories to accommodate three 4-bedroom maisonettes. The former office floors were converted into 4 2-3 bedroom apartments each, with new balconies added on both the street and courtyard sides. The staircase was renovated in a loft-style with exposed concrete walls and polished concrete flooring, giving it an industrial feel. Exposed concrete walls enhance the loft personality of the building, which has been converted into modern 2-, 3-, and 4-room apartments ranging from 44 to 116 square meters with oak parquet flooring, district heating, outdoor spaces, and street-side external shading. Thanks to their perfect layout and modern amenities, the city dwellings appear spacious, smart and contemporary.

The Tautenhayngasse 22 was an office building that was constructed in the early 1960s, along with its neighboring building, number 24, in a harmonious Gründerzeit quarter. The owner of number 24 also owned the ground floor and the underground garage, where he operated a car workshop. Only the four floors used as offices were for sale, but they had been vacant for 10 years and were correspondingly dilapidated (with frozen pipes).


 Ulreich Bauträger GmbH
 residential building
 1879 mq
 Dr. Armin Mohsen Daneshgar
 Daneshgar Architects
 Georg Fessl GmbH, 3910 Zwettl
 Gassner & Partner Baumanagement GmbH
 Gassner & Partner Baumanagement GmbH
 Christian Henninger-Allahyari, Daneshgar Architects, Christopher Mavric


Armin Mohsen Daneshgar was born in Iran in1968. He earned his master's and PhD degrees in architecture from Vienna University of Technology in 1999 and 2002, respectively. While studying, he became a lecturer in architecture. In 2002, he opened his office "Daneshgar Architects". Participation in international competitions led him from Munich and Berlin to London and Stockholm, where he was actually able to realize projects. Armin Mohsen Daneshgar is an architect at heart. Architecture is not his profession, but his life, as he himself says. Despite all the difficulties he has had to face, he has never lost his optimism. He doesn't see himself as an optimist at all. Rather, it is his profession from which he draws strength.
Today is Daneshgar Architects an international architectural firm focused on creating high quality space with unique design. Many projects deal with the urgent need for redensification in the inner city as well as social aspects of architecture.

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