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Saussure, installing the offices of tomorrow in a building of yesterday

PDA Architecture

Renovation  /  Completed
PDA Architecture

The obsolescence of this building of the 1950s required ambitious transformation. Composed of 13 floors (10 floors above the ground and 3 floors in the basement), it offered spaces inconsistent with the development of new ways of working. The building had not undergone any renovation work or restructuring. Most of the technical equipment was no longer up to standards, while the distribution and partitioning of workspaces were no longer in line with new ways of working.

The envelope, which closed the building on itself, gave it an austere and old-fashioned aspect. The facade let very little light through.

The area is full of trendy shops, cafes/restaurants and green spots. It is a real eco-district with performances on the production of renewable energy and buildings which respect the standards in force.

The aim was to integrate the building harmoniously into its environment, to make it attractive for future tenants but also shy so as not to disturb local residents.

All architectural and technical choices were made considering real environmental performance. To reduce the energy footprint of the building, biosourced and local materials were favored during the renovation and space planning phases. The carpentry of the facades was carried out by French craftsmen and this entire re-architecture project was developed with a concern for economy of material. The entire design and production were done with the use of the digital models. 3D scan
of the existing installations, phasing,... The usage of these tools made it possible to optimize costs and respect deadlines.

Cement Glass Composite.

Awards : S.ARCH 2023 Architecture Awards - Best completed project (Commercial/public building)

Certification : BREEAM

Interventions have been carried out in the most critical points: the opening of the envelope for the light and spaces for more flexibility. One of the strongest architectural decisions was to preserve the existing structure. We have fashioned a custom envelope that takes up the existing basis while maximizing the openings.
The treatment of the exterior spaces on the courtyard has been thought out like the bottom of a swimming pool, with a particular assembly of reflective bricks which sparkle
according to the lighting of the day. The isolation and the permeability of the envelope
have been completely redesigned, the technical equipment have been transferred from the terraces inside the infrastructures, thus freeing up large spaces that have become accessible and vegetated. Pedestrian circulation within the building has also been reinvented thanks to an external staircase and a new layout of spaces for soft mobility.

Going to an office building has become an option and no longer an obligation for many employees. The building therefore had to meet these new expectations. PDA has chosen to install the offices of tomorrow in a building of yesterday, recreating a pleasant, functional, and bright living environment. The office benefit from maximum natural light and several accesses to outdoor spaces.

The ground floor and the first floor become a welcoming service area: cafeteria, gym, concierge, coworking spaces... A multi-purpose area based on the hotel model.

The client's goals were to make an attractive product, to respond to Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), to control risks and rent as soon as possible.


 AEW & Eiffage
 2655 mq
  5,590,000.00 €
 EPPY, Bauraum, Ouest Structure, Cinea, Cabinet Fouquoire
 Florian Wattier


PDA is an architectural studio.
About twelve collaborators - architects, engineers and designers - intervene on all types of programs and scales, from 200 m² to more than 30,000 m² and work on new or rehabilitation operations. The teams are called upon to work on tertiary projects, housing and industrial operations.



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