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Renovation of the ForD warehouse, eliminating the monotonous image of industrial buildings

say architects

Renovation  /  Completed
say architects

The factory is located in the Xiaoshan Industrial Zone of Hangzhou, surrounded by mostly small and medium-sized factories, creating a strong industrial atmosphere.Say architects hopes to transform this factory into a vibrant urban node in the area, eliminating the monotonous image of industrial buildings in the past.

The total construction area of the factory is approximately 17,000 square meters, and the four original buildings were divided into exhibition halls, offices, and warehouses according to their functions. During the renovation process, Say preserved the main structure of the original building and focused on constructing a new facade system. The use of materials to cover the original dimensions implies the continuation of the building in the time dimension.

The building was originally composed of four old office buildings and an electronic workshop. This renovation project will transform it into ForD's furniture warehouse and exhibition hall.

In the overall transformation, the landscape of the original site has not been changed, retaining the original ecology.On the south side of the showroom building, there is an outdoor seating area for customers visiting the showroom, which also serves as the main stopping point. Despite the strong industrial atmosphere, one can also feel the vitality of the greenery.

The renovation of the factory's facade satisfies both decorative and functional elements.

The main material of the facade of the building uses aluminum magnesium manganese plate, which is a common building roofing material. The designer did not demolish the original building too much, but only gave the building transformation through the material covering.

The designer tried to enrich the grid system of the new facade with parametric composition. After a dozen times of color block arrangement and color proofing, the gradual array feeling was formed. The most prominent symbol of ForD, yellow, gradually disappeared to the other end, and the generation and vanishing of 16 colors became the bright "moving pixelated" visual symbol in this industrial area.

In the transformation of the factory, it is still hoped that it can be fast and can control the cost, because this is related to the operation of an enterprise. Therefore, from the designer's point of view, it is the best way to use aluminum magnesium manganese plate as a building covering material. Moreover, the light weight, durability, economy and environmental protection of aluminum magnesium manganese plate meet the key of sustainable design.


 17000 mq
 Zhang Yan, Shan Jianan
 Song Danli, Fan Yawen, Lan Dana, He Siyun, Zhou Yao, Ye Jin
 ©️ RAWVISION studio & ©️ DONG Architecture Photography


Say is an universal way for one to express one’s feeling or to tell a story. It is the most efficient way for humans to communicate with one another. Say is literally expressed, and it is often something flexible and co-authored. Say could also be expressed in text and physical forms. It can also be extended to something written, then becomes permanent, immutable and authored.
Say architects try to articulate our design as a thought, a message or a story. Virtual or physical, momentary or permanent, and flexible or immutable. The way we propose and express become as crucial as the end result. Say tries to discover an unique and valuable character within each client’s project.
As an award-wining design team, Say architects specialize in architecture, interior and landscape design. The office located in Hangzhou is led by Yan Zhang and Jianan Shan. Both Yan and Jianan had years of architectural experience and practiced in multiple award-winning design studios before establishing Say.

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