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Casa Lyda Borelli for artists and entertainment professionals in Bologna, Italy


Renovation  /  Completed

The design idea stems from the need to recover the 'outbuilding' that has been in disuse for decades to reactivate it as a care facility. At the same time, the objective of equipping the structure, consisting of the historic house, the 'annexe', the former caretaker's house, with areas for conviviality, catering, internal and external mobility and service takes shape. Consequently, the performance involves the redevelopment of the 'non-Italian' part of the compendium garden.

The formation of the compendium of 'Casa Lyda Borelli for artists and entertainment operators', located in an area facing south adjacent to an elegant 18th century rococo structure by Carlo Francesco Dotti named ‘Arco del Meloncello’, dates back to 1931 and constitutes a unique example in Italy of a welfare organization dedicated to artists. 'Casa Lyda Borelli' was erected in stages in the thirty years 1931-1961. The 'dependence' is a building built in 1939. The 'connective' was erected in 1952.
In 1992 the activity of the 'outbuilding' stops and even the 'connective' suspends its function. Since 1987 the compendium has been subject to architectural and landscape protection restrictions. The project places the new architectures in the demanding historical context.

The character of sustainability in the project and in the work of architecture is not considered peculiar: sustainability is a topic that must be dealt with, or implemented, on the whole territory by the Institutions (burying networks, disappearance of parked cars from surfaces, viability in tunnels, optimization of waste management, general tonicity of the architectural environment ...); the project of Casa Lyda Borelli complies with the requirements of the excellence of the energy classification which is something else than sustainability.

The project rehabilitates the 'dependence' and the 'connective' and overall re-examines the methods of the operational care typology involving the buildings of the compendium: it recovers the basement of the 'outbuilding' for main activities, it reworks the service areas in the Lyda Borelli House, it assigns to the 'connective' sector the strategic distributive and plant engineering function clearly declared by its appearances.
As a result of the protection constraint, the 'annexe' building hands down the relief of its vertical perimeter partitions, the openings, the mouldings, the color of the facades, while the complete internal emptying can accommodate twelve areas of hospitalization and establishes in the plan basement the formation of the restaurant hall of the entire care complex. Establishes the essential coplanarity between the ground floors of the three buildings which can open up to dialogue with the redeemed external environment, a new place of physical rehabilitation and space for relationships and open-air restaurants, modeled by plastic sloping and enveloping articulation of gardens and paths.

Since this is a project or an assignment acquired in 2019 through the award of a competition for ideas and qualifications, the client, a Foundation, had the opportunity to select his preference among the candidate proposals and the work completed in this month of May 2023 is confirmed as corresponding to the schedule of assumptions.


 Fondazione Casa Lyda Borelli per artisti e operatori dello spettacolo
 1250 mq
  3,100,000.00 €
 Andrea Trebbi, Rita Garuti
 IN.TE.SO. ingegneria S.r.l., mechanical systems, Ing. Gabriele Raffellini, management of systems works
 Lancia S.r.l.
 Systems APLOMB S.R.L., Windows and glasses IMAF S.R.L., Floors COPAR S.R.L., Plant nursery works I GIARDINI DI ANNA
 Stefano Maniero


Andrea Trebbi (1954) graduated in architecture in Florence in 1979. He won the competitions of the former Academy of Agriculture in Bologna, of the parking under Piazza Carducci in Bologna and under Piazza Stracciari in Casalecchio di Reno, of the Town Hall of San Lazzaro di Savena, of the Starhotel Tuscany in Florence, of Casa Lyda Borelli for Artists in Bologna. The works include the Pellicceria Lido, the expansion of 'Villa Serena', the Starhotel Excelsior, the former Apollo cinema-theater, the former Hotel Saragozza, the 'Eugenio Gruppioni' residence, the Avl Italia headquarters. He elaborates parking plans, and the restoration projects of the Pieve di Santa Maria di Calamosco, of the Communication Museum in the Monumental Complex of the Baraccano, of a new stadium of Bologna FC. In 2010 Simon set up the exhibition AndreaTrebbi 1980-2010. In 2006 Editrice Compositori published Andrea Trebbi, 1980-2005 architecture and in 2015 The Plan Andrea Trebbi 2006-2015 projects and works.


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