FIMA Architecture Design Engineering + Arch. Fabio Santarossa - A boutique hotel born from a restoration project in the ancient City of Taiyuen, China
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A boutique hotel born from a restoration project in the ancient City of Taiyuen, China

FIMA Architecture Design Engineering + Arch. Fabio Santarossa

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FIMA Architecture Design Engineering + Arch. Fabio Santarossa

The concept design born from the idea of profoundly respect of the Chinese culture and the VALORIZATION of HISTORICAL HERITAGE. The project will be a faithful reconstruction of the past with inserting elements that are easy to remove in the future. The plot area is characterized by seven typical chinese courtyard: every courtyard will be characterized by a theme: painting, design, sculpture, music, food and fashion;consequently the rooms looking into the courtyard will have the same theme. The fundamental concept of the design of the rooms is "living the past and learning from the past", in order to faithfully respect the general structure of the rooms and fit into them in a very soft way.

The project area is part of a historical complex, the so-called "Taiyuen Ancient Town" which covers an area of about 0.8 square km. The whole area is characterized by typical buildings of the Ming Dynasty and the general restoration of the area began in 2013. The project fits within this context in a very soft way. No new buildings or new structures will be built, but everything will be restored following the logic of conservative restoration as regards the exterior, the same concept will be maintained internally but easily removable elements will be inserted.

The restoration project was carried out following the following key sustainability features:
Energy saving
indoor water saving
non potable water use for cooling towers
responsible material resource
diversification of construction waste
clean construction
healthy indoor environment
no toxic material
maximized daylight and quality views

The construction drawings will try to have the GBC Historica Building certification

The project, as mentioned, was born as a conservative restoration. Chinese culture usually does not consider this type of restoration as an example to follow; in fact, he prefers to rebuild the collapsed or deteriorated parts as new and create false environments. The FIMA project, on the other hand, follows the logic of a restoration that does not reconstruct, does not create fakes, rather it emphasizes the missing or deteriorated areas and emphasizes what is new so as to be clearly visible that it is something contemporary and not a copy of the past. Internally, however, the rooms will be of a contemporary type, with contemporary furnishings characterized by a strong Italian design, but always with respect for Chinese culture. The walls will be restored and left rough, the wooden ceilings will be restored and left exposed, the same thing for the fixtures, in which only the glass will be replaced. A contrasting piece of furniture with a contemporary design will be inserted within this environment.

"Living the past, learning from the past for a better future"


 Taiyuen, Shanxi province
 Taiyuan Longtou Yunji Cultural Operation Management Co. Ltd.
 Boutique hotel
 3800 mq
 Arch. Maurizio Andreoli_Arch. Fabio Santarossa
 Arch. Maurizio Andreoli, Arch. Fabio Santarossa, Arch. Alessandro Marconi, Arch. Andrea Ripari


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