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The design idea originated from the combination of the client's needs and the specific characteristics of the surrounding context. The latter is characterized by its prominent position among the commercial flows in northern Italy, being close to major infrastructure and, above all, major urban centers. It is precisely the attention to the industrial requirements of the area that guided the project towards the definition of public space aimed at providing some services that are not yet available in the region, such as equipped areas designated for the parking of heavy vehicles, located in reserved and properly shaded areas.

Particular attention was given during the design phase to the analysis of the context in which the building would interact. It was evident that there was a strong affinity with the industrial settlement located to the south, from which it borrowed a formal language characterized by extreme purity and linearity. The dialogue with the agricultural area, which had a strong naturalistic character, was more challenging to achieve. However, a peaceful coexistence was achieved by softening the industrial expression through a landscape project, acting partly as a filter and partly as mitigation. The development of an area already designated for production was combined with the development of an urban reality, with which the intervention inevitably coexists.

The project aims to achieve LEED Platinum certification. The approach that will be adopted, from design to construction and operation, involves analyzing the building not only in terms of energy consumption but also considering its entire life cycle. To achieve this goal, the following actions are intended: resource conservation, sustainable construction management, use of local materials, waste management, traceability, and more. Additionally, the theme of employment opportunities is closely related. The new light industry activities that will be established within the planned structure will lead to a significant increase in local employment.

The logistics complex in Fidenza has a strong point in its highly innovative taste strategy, which has guided multiple design choices, aiming to respect ESG criteria whenever possible. For instance, the mitigation project was developed with the goal of completely reducing the PM10 emissions generated by the vehicles induced by the intervention. The construction of a new roundabout has been planned to connect to SP12, allowing for controlled access to the production facilities for loading/unloading vehicles, public parking areas, and the existing agricultural activity located to the north. Additionally, the intersection between SP12 and Chiusa Ferranda Fraction Road will be redeveloped, which has been well-received by the local community who has appreciated its positive impact.

It is in Fidenza, and particularly in this project, that the proposing party has identified an opportunity to enter the Italian market, which will further drive its growth. This has been achieved by explicitly stating advanced standards and criteria, while respecting the dialogue among institutions, administrations, and the community.


 WEERTS Logistics Park
 50200 mq
 Arch. Denis Juliano Zaffaroni
 Ing. Filippo Salis, Ing. Emanuela Plasmati, Arch. Roberto Vasta, Arch. Asya Okkan
 CBRE Italy
 Lorenzo Iemoli, Riccardo Tarantola


S.F.R.E. SRL • Services For Real Estate is a Project & Construction Management company established in 2016 in Milan, driven by Filippo Salis' desire to create a team of professionals capable of meeting the needs in the building and engineering field, logistics, and light-industrial properties, following the core service of Project Management. SFRE designs properties that represent added value both for the territory in which they are located and for the community that can benefit from the advantages derived from warehouse. To achieve this goal, the company conducts thorough studies through a team of highly skilled professionals with a strong know-how in the Logistics Real Estate sector, enabling them to establish an effective working method. In order to achieve significant results, SFRE carefully considers the intended use of the property, which serves as a starting point to study engineering solutions that are more suitable to meet clients' expectations and the needs of end users.


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