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Leatherwork Plant, a floating factory enhancing the surrounding landscape

enia architectes

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enia architectes

The concept of the project is based on highlighting the main workshops of the 2,000m² Manufacture while preserving the site's landscape qualities as much as possible. That is why all the parking spaces have been placed underground, partially beneath the building.

Thanks to this "open" underground level and the use of terracing, the architecture appears to float above the ground. This sense of weightlessness is further enhanced by the water mirror, the vibrational play of the workshop louvers, their overhangs, and their light, slightly shimmering envelopes, which create a contrast with the dark-toned base.

One of the challenges was to build the new factory on the same site as the existing one, with 22% additional surface area, without compromising the architectural quality of the latter.

The landscape and ecological context are integral to the design of the Manufacture, which is located at the heart of a site with landscape and ecological richness.

The project is conceived as a comprehensive ecological corridor that harnesses the power of its site. It reveals and enhances the existing landscape and natural environments through generous tree layers, courtyards, the incorporation of water features, ornamental lawns, and meadows that open up views and provides accessible spaces. Lastly, the peripheral ditch and hedgerows facilitate ecological connections throughout the site.

In an environmental approach, the project preserves or creates spaces that serve specific purposes, contribute to the legibility of the site, and support greater biodiversity.

The most important environmental objectives were as follows: Firstly, to enhance the comfort of the interior spaces, particularly in terms of visual, olfactory, hygrothermal, and acoustic aspects, with a strong emphasis on natural lighting. Energy management through a highly efficient thermal envelope, achieving high energy performance through optimal lighting, heating, and ventilation choices, reaching a Cep (Primary Energy Consumption) level of < Cep max - 40%. Additionally, renewable energy production is achieved through 1270m² of actual surface photovoltaic panels. Ensuring harmony with the immediate environment and minimizing the architectural impact. Implementing technical choices that allow for easy maintenance. Ensuring a low-impact construction site with minimal disturbances.

The leatherwork plant boasts a distinctive and unique form, with a layout that emphasizes a horizontal design. The architecture creates a suspended effect, adding visual interest to the overall structure. Moreover, the plant harmoniously integrates with the surrounding landscape, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Inside, the interior spaces are enhanced by optimized natural light, skillfully utilizing shadow and light effects, especially in the agora. This thoughtful approach to lighting creates a visually appealing environment for leatherworking tasks.

Additionally, the use of north-facing zenithal lighting ensures consistent and diffused light throughout the production areas, maximizing visual comfort for the workers.

The combination of these features makes the leatherwork plant an exceptional and functional space.

Despite the large dimensions of the manufacturing plant, the building exudes a sense of serenity and softness. This is achieved through the volumetric distribution of the structure, the refined arrangement of the exterior cladding (vertical panels with subtle joints), the random placement of sunshades at the front of the building, and the choice of materials used (matt thermo-lacquered steel for the base and natural anodized aluminum).


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 enia architectes


Founded in Paris in 2003, enia architectes is an architectural and design French firm. Our work spans a wide spectrum of building types and across all scales of operation which demonstrates our strong convictions: every building, whatever its purpose or size, contributes to the fabric of the city and necessitates an architecture that is sensitive to its user and its environment. In today’s carbon-conscious world, we believe that creating responsible architecture is foremost about fabricating conditions for harmonious cohabitation, a symbiosis between man and environment constructed from a reasoned economy of resources. At enia, confronting this diversity with an inquiring and creative spirit is what drives our reflection on each project - exploring places and cultures, embracing complexities, and challenging apparent contradictions - in order to uncover the right solution. Enia architectes has developed its activity with projects in India, China, Japan, Africa and Europe.



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