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Taizhou Digital Technology Park, a city-scale incubator for digital technologies, services and innovation

GOA (Group of Architects)

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GOA (Group of Architects)

Positioned within the city's first Innovative Industrial (M0) District, the Taizhou Digital Technology Park aims to serve as a city-scale incubator for digital technologies, intelligent manufacturing R&D, comprehensive digital transformation services, and a circular ecosystem for digital innovation industries.

Its design draws inspiration from the coexistence of mountains, sea, and cityscape in Taizhou's urban fabric. Departing from a conventional dense layout, the design integrates the spatial aesthetics found in traditional Chinese landscape painting, merging natural and digital elements within the industrial complex. Its undulating skyline evokes layered mountain peaks, while the stepping terraces symbolize rippling waves, resulting in a dynamic digital landscape.

The Taizhou Digital Technology Park adjoins the Innovation Axis north and two future communities south. Its northwest corner is an intersection of major city roads, while the east edge connects to the Ecological Corridor. This prime location makes the park a technology gateway and a resource nexus.

To optimize external and internal connectivity, the master plan introduces a diagonal axis that links the urban crossroad with the green corridor. Incorporating "small paths and sparse volumes” creates an open industrial block that bridges various surrounding facilities. This integration establishes a communal services hub that enhances public welfare by promoting synergies between programs while combining the existing natural system into a comprehensive eco-recreational network.

The design incorporates sustainable strategies to minimize energy consumption and enhance indoor quality. By conducting sunlight analysis, the master plan creates multiple ecological wind corridors between buildings. Large openings facilitate fresh airflow, while green terraces and roofs form a 3D-integrated landscape system. Buildings integrating BIPV solutions reduce daily energy costs.

The lower office area features full-height atriums with vertical greenery to provide a nature-filled interior environment, and the horizontal louvers on the upper facades effectively mitigate direct sun exposure. The Digital Exhibition Hall and Service Center are two nearly zero-energy structures with sunshade blinds that adapt dynamically to changing solar intensities and orientations.

The design actively integrates industrial spaces and various facilities to provide comprehensive solutions for modern enterprises and surrounding communities. The industrial sector offers flexible scale options, allowing companies at different stages of development to find suitable spaces. These spaces can be easily subdivided into modular units and arranged in different configurations to meet specific needs.

The public and green systems serve as a spatial framework, creating a cohesive environment within the park. With its intersecting pathways, the central plaza becomes a vibrant hub, attracting visitors and fostering a lively atmosphere. Exhibition spaces along the northern urban road form an engaging interface for displays and interactions. Retail spaces along the central plaza and riverside are designed to promote leisure scenarios. Community facilities adjacent to the residential zones in the south allow convenient access for workers and residents.

The project embraces a BIM-oriented technology approach, encompassing design concepts, research and application, and construction costs. By utilizing intelligent algorithms, professionals from various disciplines, such as architecture, structure, MEP, and interior design, can collaborate synchronously. This collaborative approach enables accurate structural and material calculations and intelligent construction management, improving efficiency and quality throughout the project lifecycle.

The commitment to setting a benchmark for an all-in-one modern industrial and service park is impressive. The completion of this project will undoubtedly provide a significant boost to Taizhou's digital economy and intelligent industrialization.


 Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
 Taizhou Urban Construction and Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.
 head offices, rental offices, retail, exhibition, conference center, bussiness hotel
 231500 mq
 HE Jian; HAN Zhongqiang
 Architecture: LI Hongjie, CUI Kai, LIU Zekun, JIANG Sasa, XU Zifan, MO Liqiang, JIANG Yurong, DAI Chao, WU Tingting, XIANG Pei, YU Sicong, SHAO Xiaoqi; Interior: Li Yang, Yuan Kai; Landscape: Hou Dongwei, Zhang Ying, Xing Yinan, Xu Huaichen; Structure: SHI Jianwei, YANG Yang, GONG Ming, WU Qiangfeng, ZHONG Qi, CHEN Cong, WANG Shenhao, YU Hong, WANG Zhuohong, SHI Dong, XIE Zhongwei, WANG Benli; MEP: SHOU Guang, CHENG Lei, CHEN Wenhui, MENG Na, YE Jinyuan, GE Lingke, GAO Liqiang, GU Liqin, XU Li, SONG Xiaotian, ZHOU Yilin, YANG Fuhua, REN Qingjun, HUANG Qinpeng, HOU Huifen, SHI Yunqiang, ZHANG Xueqi, QIAN Liedong, XU Xing, YAO Yinjie; BIM: SHI Yunqiang, GAO Han, LU Qi, SHENG Mengyun, WANG Zhaoxing, XU Li, YAO Yuan
 GOA (Group of Architects)


GOA is a highly influential architectural firm in China, renowned for its unwavering commitment to the highest design standards, along with multidisciplinary elite teams, sophisticated operational systems, cutting-edge research capabilities, and extensive collaborative networks. With a 25-year legacy of excellence, it has established an exceptional reputation in the industry.
GOA embraces the transformative power of design by providing comprehensive design solutions to address the evolving challenges of the modern era. Its projects seek to shape the built environment in a meaningful, sustainable, and responsive manner. They celebrate the diversity of human experiences, encompassing spatial, natural, social, and urban engagement, while striving to impact future positivity.


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