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Hnoy Tower, an elegant and eco-friendly skyscraper in Shenzhen

Zhubo Design、KPF

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Zhubo Design、KPF

The project is located in the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, which is run through by the Fifth Financial Street. It is divided into two plots in the north and south, showing a long and narrow shape. Since Metro Line 11 runs obliquely through the underground space, the land is narrow. In order to avoid the impact on the tower structure, the two towers of the office tower and the comprehensive building are arranged in staggered buildings along the outside of the subway protection line, and the facades are also treated with staggered methods.

The main tower of the project is parallel to Binhai Avenue, the main road of the city, and forms a concession to the main public space corridor of the city; the two towers inside the plot are in the limited space divided by the subway line, and through their own shape processing, they ensure a good view of the main use surface .
The area between the buildings on the north and south plots of the project is set as an internal public square green space, combined with landscape treatment to form an undulating urban oasis, which has good urban vitality and improves the overall office and living environment; at the same time, the square can be opened to the surroundings to promote urban green space of sharing.

1. A 130m-high atrium is set up in the office lobby. Six sightseeing elevators on both sides of the atrium lead directly to the sky lobby. The atrium is full of modern mechanical craftsmanship, and the elevators operate like precision instruments. Looking up is very shocking.
2. The giant column structure creates a 270° open space. The office building adopts an eccentric tube structure. The core tube is set on the north side, and four 1M*1.5M giant columns are set on the south side near the outer edge of the building. The column-free space of about 800 square meters ensures the maximum view of the space, unobstructed sightlines and unobstructed 270-degree views.

The building is simple and elegant, the functional layout is reasonable, and the design is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is a classic from design, construction to use!


 105395 mq
  132,017,100.00 $
 Zhubo Design、KPF
 Zhubo Design、KPF


Zhubo Design Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, restructured into a joint-stock company in 2012, and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2019 (Stock Code: 300564). It is a comprehensive design organization with two class-A qualifications, including construction industry (construction engineering) and urban planning, four class-B qualifications, including municipal engineering (water supply engineering, road engineering, bridge engineering) and landscape architecture engineering.


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