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Exploration and Production Business Center, a new landmark in Enrico Mattei's Metanopoli, Milan


Office&Business  /  Completed

The Exploration and Production Business Center was designed by following principles of 21st century campus planning and enhancing the experience of people working there. By breaking up the mass of the project into several buildings interspersed with open spaces, landscape, dining, and public program, the Center gives easy access to outdoors and amenities, with spaces for dining, socializing, and informal meetings. This approach also allowed for the creation of linear buildings with slender floorplates that put all desks closer to natural light and views. The character and energy efficiency of the campus is further underscored by the façade, composed of a high-performance curtain wall and secondary shading skin of perforated steel paneling.

The project creates a prominent landmark that engages the history and urban environment of San Donato Milanese. The campus is located within the planned community of Metanopoli, envisioned in the 1950s as an idyllic “garden city” for living and working. The new Center continues this legacy with an open, landscaped campus organized around a central piazza enlivened by outdoor dining, social spaces, green roofs, mature trees, and a lush sunken water garden. The preserved historic Eni building serves as campus gateway, welcoming visitors with a public Exposition Hall. This gateway marks the campuses’ north/south axis through the plaza, connecting to the town’s major circulation arteries and framing views to Eni’s historic headquarter buildings.

The Exploration and Production Business Center is made to meet Classe A energy requirements and achieve LEED Gold Italia, with various strategies employed to reduce overall energy consumption, preserve natural resources, and create a healthful working environment for employees. The landscaped central plaza and green roofs use drought tolerant native plants; Building forms hold spaces for shading and solar orientation; green roofs and double-skin façades aid in climate control; photovoltaics capture solar energy; waste and rain-water recycling are used for irrigation; office environments and social spaces are designed for abundant natural light and use low-energy radiant heating/cooling systems.

The Exploration and Production Business Center is a commercial campus with three interconnected office buildings encircling a central piazza. The primary tower stands as the symbolic emblem of the campus, housing the executive offices and boardrooms, a 1,000-seat restaurant with piazza seating and private dining areas. This “Icon Tower” continues a legacy of significant ENI tower buildings in Metanopoli. The curved form of the secondary “Landmark Building” to the south further extends this fluid line and draws visitors toward the campus from the train station. The Landmark building houses the main office lobby and meeting rooms. A tertiary “Skygarden Building” completes the frame around the main campus. The building is defined by a green roof emerges from the lush landscape of the Center, and an expansive atrium leading to a large multi-use conference center, cafeteria, office lobby, and the roof garden. From the main Piazza, lush, skylit entry canopies lead to the three buildings, with bright, spacious lobbies and efficient vertical circulation cores. Pedestrian bridges link the three buildings, and landscape weaves the entire campus together.

The project site, which was previously occupied by several warehouse buildings dating back to the 1950s, is centrally located in the municipality of San Donato Milanese. The Center creates a prominent landmark in San Donato Milanese and a vibrant focal point for the local community, while connecting with its surroundings.


 San Donato, Milanes
 Renzo Misitano
 Office space
 73826 mq
 Thom Mayne, Arne Emerson
 Kim Groves, Paul Choi Natalia, Traverso Caruana, Ilaria Campi, Ed Kim, Jason Minor, David Rindlaub, Satoru Sugihara, Atsushi Sugiuchi
 Pasodoble, SCE Setec, TPI, Arup
 Jasmine Park


Morphosis is a Los Angeles-based architecture and design firm, creating compelling work that is intelligent, pragmatic, and powerful. For more than 40 years, Morphosis has practiced at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, and sustainable design, working across a broad range of project types and scales, including civic, academic, cultural, commercial, residential, and mixed-use; urban master plans; and original publications, objects, and art. Partners Arne Emerson, Ung-Joo Scott Lee, Brandon Welling, and Eui-Sung Yi lead a team of more than 80 in Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Seoul, and Shanghai, in collaboration with founder and Pritzker Prize-winning architect Thom Mayne.
Morphosis has received 29 Progressive Architecture awards, over 120 American Institute of Architects (AIA) awards, and numerous other honors. With Morphosis, Thom Mayne has been the recipient of the highest recognitions in architecture, including the Pritzker Prize (2005) and the AIA Gold Medal (2013).

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