Matrix Design - Alibaba DAMO Nanhu Industry Park: a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere for R&D work
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Alibaba DAMO Nanhu Industry Park: a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere for R&D work

Matrix Design

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Matrix Design

Located in Nanhu Science Center, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, the team will build an intelligent R&D industry park integrating "office + experimental research and development" as the office area with interactivity, experience and ecology for Alibaba DAMO Academy. Driven by human vision, Alibaba DAMO Academy is a research institute dedicated to exploring the unknown of science and technology. Since its establishment, it has been exploring many industries, such as quantum computing, and has been conducting cutting-edge science and technology research.

It will be an intelligent R&D industry park integrating "office + experimental research and development", and a cluster of high-tech innovation ecological communities as a world-class scientific research center. In order to present a unique science and technology park of oriental style and make the space agree with human and nature, Matrix Design adopts the essence of ancient Chinese buildings in interior design and used “Five Senses Design” and modular research to build a first place where design can promote technological development.

Its architectures are like the branches of a tree extending to all directions. Those highly uniform pitched roofs convey the architectural meaning of traditional Chinese settlements. Meanwhile, the roofs evoke the relationship between the Nanhu Lake and the park, a connection that shows the park is in harmony with nature. With eight functions, the interior space grasps the key of designing classical gardens by combining the charm of ancient construction with the practical functions. Thus among mountains and water a compound headquarters of unique style is formed, endowing the interior with warm sense of science and technology and make the space fit to human and nature.

Entering the lobby through the visitors center, "five senses" concept can be felt. For the atrium of visitors center, Matrix Design redesigns the original scissors stairs, whose major structure is similar to Mobius ring invented by German mathematician Mobius. The stairs are like a flowing line which starts from the first floor to the third floor. It not only has the basic functions, but also rich the layers of the architectural management area, making the space full of fun and symbolizing the endless scientific exploration.

In the main office area, the team takes flexible and incremental as the core of design logic. The open office area is designed with low saturation of concrete and wood to preserve a large area of open space. Soft isolation between different groups can be realized by functional rooms (negotiation room, telephone room, group exclusive meeting room). Through the in-depth study of the grid-layout strong and weak electricity on the ground and the modules of independent office and meeting, the team not only gives a variety of possible changes in the form and perspective among modules in the final layout, but also realize the function exchange between open office area and meeting area in the case of increasing staff. The design allows around 15% increasing office cubicles without giving up any functions, laying a solid foundation for later development and benign operation.

The designers selected the best landscape in all office buildings of the project, build the interior plant landscape area and multi-functional office space, combined with the unique exterior landscape to form an extension of ecological experience, which is available for temporary office, discussion and small meetings, etc. Without going outdoors, people can change their working mood by choosing new working environment, creating a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere for research and development work.


 Chuanjia Technology Co., Ltd.
 1500 mq
  337,985.00 €
 Wang Guan, Liu Jianhui, Wang Zhaobao
 Matrix Design
 Shi Xiang Wan He


Matrix Design was established in 2010 to provide space design and soft furnishings services. Its headquarters are located in Shenzhen, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Xi'an. After more than ten years of development, Matrix Design has grown into a Chinese design brand with both industry influence and contemporary representation.
Since its inception, Matrix Design has always shouldered industry responsibilities and social responsibilities, with the goal of "fulfilling people's aspirations for a better life" and the brand mission of "returning to the East". It is committed to promoting Chinese design to the world, striving to achieve design value-added in environmental, social, cultural, and economic benefits, and always thinking about using design to empower people to live a better life. Space design and soft furnishings business covers residential, office, hotel Education, business, health care and other business sectors.


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