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Ahmedabad Police Commissioner’s Office, an institution symbol accessible to the public

enia architectes

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enia architectes

The idea of the project comes from the components of the program itself: A Space accessible to the public – should be welcoming & transparent. A place of work – should be functional and comfortable for its staff. An institution – a reference point for society and a landmark for the city. A concept developed by Enia Architectes, France is a complex juxtaposition of spaces that are public, semi-public, and private/restricted/confidential in their nature. The concept evolved out of the design program where PUBLIC SPACES progressed into more private ones in a horizontal axis and the office space went up following the hierarchy to mark the presence of an INSTITUTION. And their intersection led to a vibrating node which eventually housed the commonly shared spaces.

The project utilizes the triangular site and the arterial road to generate its form which is parallel to the urban artery and thus resulting in 3 entrances – public, ceremonial and logistics. The immediate landscape around the site is less dense and green & overlooking into Sabarmati River. This concept viewed in relation to the site generated the ORIENTATION AXIS of the building followed by the ZONING in terms of program. The entry points to the site were identified and the different accesses were created: - Public, Staff/VIP and logistics. The project thus incorporate gardens that are formed between the building and site edges with the tower rising above the terrace garden over the public street.

The project has been carefully designed considering environmental principles by studying various climatic parameters and thus resulting in a precise position of courtyards, light well, façade, and landscape elements that responds to environmental needs. Every part of the building is naturally lit without increasing the energy gain inside the building. We are aiming to obtain some labels but we are waiting for the evaluation.

At ENIA, we approach any project by analyzing the program or design brief in consultation with stakeholders. We thus analyze its effect on the environment and then design a project that is best in its functionality, low on energy, and still creatively designed to have a unique design language that is widely accepted.

The project also focuses on spaces that are modular in nature so as to have enough plasticity to be transformed as per the specific requirements of each department to suit their specific needs. And all of it without changing the quality of space or impact on the environment.

Strong identity & unifying - Innovative & contemporary - Institutional & accessible - Inviting & protective - Cosmopolitan & convivial - Environmental & Functional - Transparent & flexible

In nut-shell, the project has a strong identity and it is innovative & contemporary. The building is accessible to the public and is also a symbol of the institution. It is both inviting & protective, cosmopolitan & convivial, environmental & functional, and transparent & flexible.


 23000 mq
 enia architectes


Founded in Paris in 2003, enia architectes is an architectural and design French firm. Our work spans a wide spectrum of building types and across all scales of operation which demonstrates our strong convictions: every building, whatever its purpose or size, contributes to the fabric of the city and necessitates an architecture that is sensitive to its user and its environment. In today’s carbon-conscious world, we believe that creating responsible architecture is foremost about fabricating conditions for harmonious cohabitation, a symbiosis between man and environment constructed from a reasoned economy of resources. At enia, confronting this diversity with an inquiring and creative spirit is what drives our reflection on each project - exploring places and cultures, embracing complexities, and challenging apparent contradictions - in order to uncover the right solution. Enia architectes has developed its activity with projects in India, China, Japan, Africa and Europe.


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