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1 Willoughby Square: office development meets the ethos of today's creative enterprise

FXCollaborative Architects

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FXCollaborative Architects

1 Willoughby Square marries attributes of traditional industrial architecture - rigorous structure, high spaces, and informal, exposed finishes – with qualities that support contemporary knowledge work. The building is organized to promote social and natural connectivity. From the programming perspective, the retail and school provide animating, community-facing functions that enliven the surrounding streets and park. For office tenants, a strategically located side core, supporting a column-free office loft, allows for wide-open work environments surrounded by daylight. Connectedness is further enhanced by interior atria, exterior terraces, and four "super-floors" incorporating higher ceiling heights, amenity spaces, and exterior loggias.

1WSQ embodies the spirit and vibrancy of Brooklyn. The 168-meter tower, the tallest office development in the borough, is at the heart of its burgeoning mixed-use central district. The context mixes old and new and residential, hotel, academic and office uses. 1WSQ’s unusual, “T”- shaped site spans between two streets and enjoys direct frontage onto a new public park. The building’s programming, planning, and massing capitalize on the site’s unique qualities. The entrance, core and service elements are located on the leg of the “T”, while the bar contains the unencumbered office loft. Between these is a zone of multi-story spaces that correspond to the rear yards of the block.

When we had the opportunity to design both the 1WSQ base building and the fit-out of our own studio on floors 7-9, the firm knew that this was a chance to take a comprehensive approach to sustainability and wellness. Our office is the first LEED Platinum v4 ID+C in New York City and the highest scoring LEED v4 ID+C CI in the US. The tower itself is LEED Silver. Unique features include the solar shading devices, which are rare on NYC high-rise buildings. Enhanced enclosure components, in excess of code requirements, help save energy and maintain internal comfort. The balcony doors have Passive House level thermal and air tightness performance. Extensive materials research for the office space led to the reuse of many existing items, and new items were selected to prioritize wellness.

As the first ground-up office constructed in Downtown Brooklyn in decades, 1 Willoughby Square is anchored to its local heritage while forward-looking in its functionality. The 34-story mixed-use tower is crafted to reflect its context while offering healthy and dynamic work environments for clients in the high-tech and creative industries. The key objective of 1WSQ’s design is to promote social connection and collaboration. The “Core” and “Loft” parti are central to achieving this; The side core houses all base building systems, leaving the 60’ X 150’ column-free loft unencumbered, with ample natural light and wide-open work environments. Nature and open spaces are never far, with access to the adjacent park and private balconies laced throughout the tower. “Super-floors” with loggias act as social hubs for multi floor tenants while the robust amenity floor supports tenant’s wellbeing and social interactions through lounges and terrace. The building avoids the generic, all-glass paradigm so dominant for new office towers, and instead offers a distinctive, local expression. The facade recalls the history and texture of industrial Brooklyn with pleated blue glazed brick spandrels and oversized windows with exterior sunshades that create a modern recall of the famed gridded windows. The core’s shimmering metal cladding acts as a counterpoint to the more grounded architecture of the office loft.

A contemporary take on the Brooklyn industrial loft, the office development meets the ethos of today's creative enterprises.


 New York, USA
 JEMB Realty
 42500 mq
 FXCollaborative Architects LLP
 Dan Kaplan, Senior Partner; Gustavo Rodriguez, Partner; Brian Fanning, Partner
 Gilbane Building Company
 DeSimone (Structural); Cosentini (MEP); Langan (Civil); Cerami & Associates (Acoustics); Entek Engineering (Façade Maintenance); Van Deusen & Associates (Vertical Transportation); Steven Winters Associates (Accessibility); Fisher Marantz Stone (Lighting)
 Glazed Brick: Elgin Butler; Precast: Architectural Precast Innovations; Curtain Wall : United Metal Yapi


FXCollaborative is a New York City-based architecture firm founded in 1978. The firm leverages broad expertise in architecture, interiors, and planning to enrich our world with responsible, intelligent, and beautiful design. The firm’s holistic approach integrates client aspirations, an urban sensibility, and a celebration of the craft of building. FXCollaborative’s work ranges from the scale of individual buildings and interiors—office towers, multi-family residences, cultural facilities, workplace, K-12 and higher-education institutions—to the city as a whole, addressing infrastructure and transportation.


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