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YDA Center, a new landmark in Ankara

Yazgan Design Architecture

Mixed Use  /  Completed
Yazgan Design Architecture

YDA Center is situated at a point near one of the two main arteries of the city. The site is not only in the middle of business, recreation, shopping but also located at the intersection of public transport stations of underground light railway, subway and bus services. The idea stems from this strategic location. To achieve this, the project is composed of three main spaces; “Urban Plaza”, “Office”, “Park”, and “Urban Voids” to link those spaces. The buildings in the complex are located at the periphery of the land, acting as a landmark that can be seen from one of the busiest streets in the town, while, leaving the center of the project as a void helps the building and its many functions to breathe.

There is a linking dynamic between the building and its urban area. The building clears out the chaos around one of the biggest traffic zones by organizing functions and adding breathable space into this very urban and densely populated area. The main source for the organization of traffic from the varying sources is the Urban Plaza that has been placed at the center that provides transition between metro stations, commercial and retail spaces, office blocks entrances, cafes, exhibition spaces, multipurpose open performance areas and green spaces. Containing numbers of courtyards and connecting streets at different levels, Urban Plaza and the void provides access to neighboring spaces and to the park located at the southern part of the site.

The project consists of three primary areas: the "Urban Plaza," the "Office" space, the "Park," and "Urban Voids" that connects these spaces.

An Urban Plaza is strategically designed to facilitate the transition between metro stations, commercial and retail areas, entrances to office blocks, cafes, exhibition spaces, versatile open performance areas, and green spaces. With numerous courtyards and interconnected streets at various levels, the Urban Plaza grants access to adjacent spaces.

The Office is designed by considering the commercial and public potentials of the area. The design of the Office combines the vertical and horizontal office typologies, thus creates a ‘High Flat Office’ typology. Through this, the Office forms multi-dimensional relationships with its surroundings in an urban level.

The Park, located at the southern part of the site, with its unique program, offers solution to the parking problem of the area while serving as an urban activity space for citizens.

An Urban Void is also designed along the main axis which is perpendicular to the ‘the urban plaza’, ‘the office’ and ‘the park’. The void is under the big arc below the office block and provide a big cubic opening without any columns with 35m. height and 24m. width. The void has also a central conic cavity which is open on both sides while connecting the lower plaza where street musicians, artists and performers welcome the citizens exiting from the light rail station, and the sky above.

YDA Group suggested that they were delighted that what they asked for turned into one of the landmarks of Ankara. The many functions of the building along with its qualities that considers not only the YDA Group, but the everyday lives of the public helped them gain more traction. Through this they also helped the public by a very fitting yet very distinct building from its surrounding when it comes to incorporating this into people’s everyday lives.


 YDA Group
 Business Center
 370.000 mq
 Yazgan Design Architecture
 Yazgan Design Architecture
 Emre Dorter, Yunus Ozkazanc


Founded in 2003 by Kerem Yazgan and Begüm Yazgan, both PhD. architects, Yazgan Design Architecture Construction Inc. provides master planning, architectural, interior, landscape and graphic design project services to commercial and government organizations. The company has the capacity to develop projects in diverse programs and scales that cover concept, design development and construction phases. With an experienced staff of architects, landscape designers, technical draftsmen and graphic designers, the company has signed on to projects over 8.500.000 square meters. Office, industrial, mixed-use buildings, retail, hotel, residential, educational buildings, hospitals, cultural centers, and sport complexes are some of the building typologies that comprise the company portfolio. As a company with National Design Center Certification, Yazgan is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for its clients in Turkey and abroad.


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