3XN - Vinci InDéfense and Hotel OKKO, to be eye-catching and dynamic
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Vinci InDéfense and Hotel OKKO, to be eye-catching and dynamic


Mixed Use  /  Completed

On such a long, prominent site, the building’s massing and façade had to combine beauty with functionality. The project’s two programmatic elements, a hotel and an office building, are separate but joined along their east-west axis. Where Hôtel OKKO, clad in semi-reflective aluminium panels, remains an unbroken mass, the InDéfense office building is split into smaller masses, each pushed in or extruded out to visually break up the mass, add depth to the building’s form, and open the long and narrow site to its surroundings. Aluminium and glass are the main materials of the two buildings, implemented with different colours and finishes to give the 2 buildings individual but harmonious identities.

As a gateway to the burgeoning Les Groues district, the building had to be eye-catching and dynamic. The faceted façade and shifting volumes make it standout in the busy district. The concept – two distinct but complementary designs – is unique in the area. The 2 buildings work together to create an active ground level and represent a landmark in the urban landscape of the future district. Both adopt the same aesthetic expression of transparency and flexibility to ensure the unity of the whole, while also being sufficiently distinct, to ensure their own identity. The ground floor hosts collaborative spaces and a wide range of catering dedicated to employees. A restaurant is accessible to the public and contributes to the animation of the street and the district.

To minimise its environmental impact the building includes:

  • 220m2 of photovoltaic panels on the roof,
  • Connection to the Enertherm urban network for cooling and heating,
  • Planting of local plant species,
  • 202m2 of green roof to increase biodiversity and limit the heat island effect,
  • Installation of birdhouses and ecological management of green spaces,
  • Roof rainwater retention system,
  • Implementation of a new generation BMS to control services in the most efficient and economical way,
  • User-operable façade openings allow for natural ventilation,
  • Low-flow taps and sanitary ware.

As a result of these measures, amongst others, InDéfense office building has achieved HQE Exceptionnel, Effinergy+, and BREEAM Excellent certifications.

The InDéfense office building is organised around a sculptural spiral staircase adjacent to the glazed north façade. The workspaces are designed to encourage interaction and communication between colleagues across floors. The staircase, which alights on each level adjacent to elevator lobby, requires passing through the floor’s shared landing – facilitating opportunities for interaction between colleagues. The massing of the InDéfense building is a dynamic play of push and pull to create overhangs and external terraces. The terraces provide spatial variety, access to outdoor space, and incorporate native planting – which are all proven to have positive effects on workplace productivity and wellness. The façades of the office building are designed with user-operable openings for natural ventilation. Integrated within the opaque cassettes (through a perforated side-panel), these allow occupants to control the local interior temperature and airflow for a healthy interior environment. Located on the western portion of the site, Hôtel OKKO houses 184 rooms over nine floors. On the ground floor, a restaurant is accessible to hotel customers, the neighbourhood, and to employees from the surrounding offices to create an active and busy streetscape. The first floor is occupied with shared amenities, among other things a 300m2 lounge and a dedicated terrace for hotel visitors, that they can use anytime during their stay.

The new headquarters of VINCI Immobilier supports the development of its businesses, its growth and tertiary real estate and offers spaces for concentration, collaborative production, meeting and reception.


 VINCI Immobilier
 Office and Hotel
 16000 mq
 3XN - Design Architect; SRA Architects - Executive Architect
 Hotel interiors - Studio Catoir


Across diverse typologies and scales, 3XN's work is driven by the conviction that architecture should give something back--to people, to communities, and to our planet. Since 1986, we have specialized in transformational projects: projects that give obsolete structures new form and character, that transform dormant neighbourhoods into thriving cultural hubs, or that unite disparate organizations into collaborative communities. A commitment to the highest standards of sustainability and design excellence unites the studio’s portfolio. Form and performance are not at odds, but rather continuously enhance and shape one another.

With offices in Copenhagen (HQ), Stockholm, Sydney, New York, and London, we are a firm of close to 200 professionals spanning a wide range of nationalities, genders, backgrounds, and specialties. The diverse perspective of our global practice gives greater depth to our holistic methodology which prioritizes aesthetics, behaviour, curiosity, and circularity.

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