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Stream Building: mixed use, circular economy, timber construction, and reversibility

PCA-STREAM, Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte

Mixed Use  /  Completed
PCA-STREAM, Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte

The Stream Building is a laureate of the Reinventing Paris call for projects launched in 2014. The competition called for a rethinking of uses, construction materials and building techniques, along with the city’s relationship with the living while offering a new way of involving both public and private stakeholders.

The Stream Building allows for a wide range of effective use of its usable surfaces: one can eat, work, stay and play there on a 24/7 basis. The convergence of different spatial types does not only improve the experience for the building’s users but also for the surrounding community, spacializing opportunities for organic interactions for a meaningful, not just physical, presence in the city.

As a metropolitan crossroads with enhanced accessibility, the Clichy-Batignolles area connects the various territories of the Greater Paris: the challenge was to transform this junction area into a new focal point by bringing in the amenities it sorely lacked. Adjacent to the ring road, on a former 54-hectare brownfield, the Stream Building forms a bridge between the capital and its outskirts.

Open on its surroundings, the Stream Building’s base provides the area with affordable resources: it includes a restaurant, a bagel shop, a salad bar, and 2 grocery stores. A solidarity hub called Cinaspic, managed with the City of Paris, will host neighborhood organizations. Pablo Valbuena’s artwork on the building’s wooden exoskeleton brings art into public space.

The Stream Building's rooftop garden mitigates the heat island effect and absorbs rainwater: with the vegetated south-facing facade and the hopped southeast facade, it forms a biodiversity corridor. The hop garden provides passive thermal protection to the south-facing facade, forming a bioclimatic envelope.

To prevent architectural obsolescence, the project’s modular grid allows for a change of uses without major structural interventions. Its deliberately sober design reflects an environmentally conscious architecture focused on material efficiency.

Its mixed wood-concrete structure emits 40% less carbon than a concrete equivalent would have, reducing the building’s carbon footprint. 57% of the wood structure is sourced from French forests, the rest less than 400km away.

PCA-STREAM developed a design based on the concept of metabolism, moving beyond the modern metaphor of the machine building to that of a living organism building, processing resources through circular synergies.

For example, with over 300 m² of urban agriculture, the productive rooftop provides ingredients and herbs to the building’s restaurants, in a permanent dialogue between the chefs and the market gardener regarding needs and quantities. The organic waste then produced is recycled in a composting unit in the basement, distributing back nutrients to the crops

Another example is the hopped southeast façade, works as a passive thermal protector while also supplying the microbrewery, which produces 20,000 liters of beer consumed on-site. The brewery’s hop residues and organic waste are also recycled in the composting unit.

Finally, 400 m² of photovoltaic panels provide energy for the building's luminous artwork.

The Stream Building’s innovations will be tested out over the next 10 years to learn from all the innovations implemented. The monitoring will focus on circular economy, the prefabrication’s role on reducing carbon emissions and biodiversity along with the quality and quantity of the agricultural production harvested within the building.

"Through its mixed-use approach, its unique, adaptable framework that can evolve over time, and its strong environmental dimension, the Stream Building aligns with Covivio’s vision of “living real estate,” as the Stream Building is a place where people can can gather throughout the day to work, lodge, dine, and more!" — Covivio "This project was conceived around four founding pillars: mixed use, circular economy, timber construction, and reversibility." — Hines


 Covivio (co-investor and co-developer) et Hines (co-developer)
 16200 mq
 Covivio (co-investisor et co-promotor) Hines France (co-promotor) Assurances du Crédit Mutuel (co-investor)
 HACS Deerns, ENEOR, CCingénierie, CSD Faces, AVLS, Topager, AE75 CSPS, Bureau Veritas, Fugro, HPC Envirotec
 Mathis, Rinaldi Structural, Multispe, Axima, Apilog, Inéo, Otis and Topager Groupe Vertical Sea, Synthesia, GUSTAVE Khephren VS-A
 Pablo Valbuena, Jean-Philippe Mesguen, Salem Mostefaoui, Lucie Wix


Founded and directed by Philippe Chiambaretta since 2000, PCA-STREAM places the exploration of contemporary mutations at the heart of its design process. Its specificity lies in the alliance between a theoretical and prospective vision.

For the past 10 years, the Stream magazine has brought together the thoughts of thinkers, researchers and entrepreneurs from all horizons. Drawing on this corpus, PCA-STREAM takes an innovative approach, seeing projects as opportunities to incubate research in a concrete manner, thus developing a multidisciplinary understanding of the worlds' issues and changes.

PCA-STREAM works on all scales: from interior architecture to architectural and urban planning projects. Offices, commercial spaces, museums, hotels, towers, mixed-use districts, PCA-STREAM is interested in any type of programme as long as there is a desire to reinvent outdated codes. Since its creation, PCA-STREAM has built nearly 280,000m2 and 360,000m2.



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