CCTN Design - Renovation of Shougang Oxygen Factory: integrating the old and new
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Renovation of Shougang Oxygen Factory: integrating the old and new

CCTN Design

Mixed Use  /  Completed
CCTN Design

Shougang Park is the largest industrial site in Beijing, and the "memory of the times" of a generation. In 2016, the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games settled in the park, which has enabled the Shougang Park to regain vitality.

Located in the south of the Big Air Shougang, the project is facing Shougang's core "No.3 Blast Furnace" across the bank, enjoying unique landscape resources and geographical advantages. The plot involves a reserved 16,000 square meter oxygen production plant, the #3350 workshop, a new-built performing arts center, and office & business complex along the lake. With the design goal of "stitching" the city and integrating the old and new, it is committed to creating a space with cultural vitality to smoothly realize the functional transformation.

The masterplan takes original texture of Shougang Park as the base map and develops along the west extension line of Chang 'an Avenue with the theme of "square" urban pattern in Beijing. It follows the east-west vertical layout and opens the central area, and enables Chang 'an Avenue, Qunming Lake and the No.3 Blast Furnace to form a circulation in space and sight by means of infiltration.

Office complex is arranged in the lakeside area on the north; the performing arts center is in the southern area near the west extension line of Chang 'an Avenue, which has the significance of image display and a large flow of people. By integrating with the square and setting the old industrial plant and Qunming Lake as the background, the entrance creates a personalized rest space.

As for renovation of the Oxygen Production Plant, architects keep the most distinctive parts of the structure, the roof load is still carried by the original structure, while the newly added second and third floor slabs and structural columns form a new steel framework system. A three-story glass volume is inserted diagonally as the foyer. The new facade is made of grey metal plates, which presents a low-profile attitude among the complex.

Partial exterior walls of old #3350 workshop are removed and glass material is added to meet the indoor lighting requirements. The interior is built into four floors, and its foyer presents full-height space. The middle part of workshop is opened, which encloses a small outdoor theater with exposed roof trusses and outer corridor on the second floor.

The complex entrance is designed with multi-level activity space. The sunken square and small square at the entrance form a connected dynamic space, while the eaves gallery on the first floor, the platform on the second floor and the roof platform provide viewing space for users.

Based on the technique of "homogeny" and "repetition", the extended volume of Performing Arts Center continues 6m modulus steel truss structure of old plant building. The large, medium and small studios are placed in the steel structure space, and three concrete boxes contrast with the metal framework to bring rich light and shadow changes. On the west side, the combination of round concrete walls and square glass boxes enriches the overall shape. The concrete box can meet the sound insulation requirements of the studio, and is well integrated into the original industrial temperament.

The new office complex on the north side consists of a 2-storey catering building and two 6-storey office buildings. Two materials use of concrete and glass, harmoniously integrate with the old building on the south side. The "eave" element is introduced into the facade vocabulary, the horizontal eaves are the extension of the horizontal lines, which can stretch the sight line and enable people to view the scenery under the eaves. Meanwhile, large areas of glass introduce lake and mountain views into the building. The drainage chains are obscured by the staggered screen curtains to further enrich the facade details.

The design organically combines new functions into old plant buildings. The renovated Oxygen Production Plant will serve as a corporate exhibition hall and actively interact with the office complex; the #3350 workshop will be used as accessory occupancy and office space of the Performing Arts Center after renovation. In addition, the homogenous treatment of the facade and the understated materials blur the time boundary between the added and retained areas.


 Beijing Shouao Real Estate Co., LTD.
 Office, Enterprise exhibition hall, Restaurant, Performing Arts Center, Mixed use
 72671 mq
  72,624,045.00 €
 Xuhong Zhou
 Fan Jingjing, Yang Leiming, Yang Jia, Zhu Jun, Zhou Hongyu, Zheng Congtao, Mao Lei


CCTN Architectural Design is founded in 2003 and led by Mr. Cheng Taining, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Engineering Design Master. Based on architectural design, it also provides urban planning, landscape design and interior services. CCTN is now Class A qualification of both construction industry engineering and urban and rural planning.
CCTN focuses on four special research and development sectors: Public culture/ exhibition/ education building, Station-City Synergy/ Urban TOD, Urban Regeneration, Extensive Real Estate.

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