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Nature and social interactions are truly immerged together: Times Guangzhou E-PARK

Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch

Mixed Use  /  Completed
Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch

Guangzhou is the birthplace of Lingnan culture, where global vision and local culture merges. In the new era, the demands for business environment and commercial space has raised to a new level. The designers have been working on the sequel in the existing blocks, trying to respond to the upgrading context, while creating a new meaningful space with more diversity. In Times Guangzhou E-PARK Phase II renewal, the spirit of local culture has been fully reflected. The design takes the Lingnan culture as theme, that combines the hybrid function, the sense of rhythm, as well as the local commercial culture together successfully to form a plug-in of the city. It functions as a filter of the contemporary urban life and an architectural montage that combines the virtual and the real.

The project is located in Guangzhou, where is the key node of the urban plate in the Hanxi Changlong, known as a flourishing area with convenient transportation. The original Times E-PARK is developed in two phases; phase I of the business office park was completed in 2017. With the rapid development of the changing demands, The designers reconfigured Phase II based on the original planning framework of Times E-PARK. The design aims to create an urban hybrid that integrating office, commercial, cultural, and other diversified programs. To respond to the openness of the Lingnan culture, designers practiced flowing indoor and outdoor spaces by creating salient terraces on the lower podium part, which also works to promote the human-nature relationship due to the abundant green terraces.

The project aims to create an innovative business park with extraordinary community experience, that generates a new urban three-dimensional area connecting nature and humanity, business and leisure. With the optimizing functions, the urban public space is reshaped into an extraordinary innovative community. Under the circumstances of the transformation of old urban village in city Guangzhou, the design also takes consideration of how to recall the traditional city memory, while meeting the upgrading functional requirements. The designers actively explored a new paradigm of urban mixed-use and inserts a boutique commercial space on the basis of Phase II business park, that aims to create a "New Gathering Place for Art". As the infrastructure of urban activities, this project combines elements from nature, art, and fashion, that eventually reshapes urban lifestyle. The combination of the commercial center and the natural landscape creates a shopping-in-hanging-garden experience for the fast paced urban life, that forms a series of iconic social destinations. It reflects the rapid integration and transformation of old urban village in Guangzhou for the past few years, as well as the process of urban development with diversity and vitality. Moreover, Times Guangzhou E-PARK Phase II has established a new benchmark for civic public space.

As a boutique urban mixed-use, Times Guangzhou E-Park Phase II is striving to use rich architectural languages to vividly display the urban image of city Guangzhou, that works as a miniature of the city. Through outdoor market, shared terrace and other elements, nature and social interactions are truly immerged together for leisure consumption and social gathering.


 98982 mq
 Ping Jiang
 Ping Jiang, Michelle Bao, Sean Lu, Xiaohai Lin


Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch is a leading international practice for architecture and urbanism. Led by Founding Principal Ping Jiang, FAIA, who established the Shanghai based practice in 2015, the firm strives to provide environmentally sensitive and innovative design solutions for architecture and urban environment. The practice is founded on the belief that architecture should concern itself with the environment, and is deeply committed to design excellence, innovation and sustainability.

Atelier Ping Jiang’s work has received numerous international design awards and has been published in architectural journals internationally. His work has been featured at international art exhibition and biennial. In 2021, Ping Jiang was named to AD 100 as one of the 100 most influential designers working in China. The practice received AIA International Firm Award in 2022.

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