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YIDA - Glory of the City, a space that integrates classical atmosphere with modern landscape

JTL (CQ) Studio

Landscape  /  Completed
JTL (CQ) Studio

The overall design style of the project is consistent with JTL’s insistence that the characteristics of a landscape space are hidden in its internal order and proportion. Functional requirements change over time, but rational landscape elements should not compromise with any functional space. The aesthetics of the space is based on rational clarity and intellectual order. And the extensive use of beige stones, metal and glass is one of the biggest characteristics of the project. Clear and logical arrangements finally contribute to a space that integrates classical atmosphere with modern landscape.

Dalian is a city with an abundance of historical and cultural heritage, which is surrounded by the beautiful sea as well as the green mountains and forests. Connecting the city with the mountains, Glory of the City constantly tells the stories about the mountains and the sea. Since the site leans against Jieshan mountain range on the west, we tried to find a sense of belonging in seclusion and establish an emotional connection with nature here.

86 tall trees show the etiquette and luxury of nature. Quiet and thoughtful space atmosphere, beige marble texture and natural forest zone perfectly integrate with each other. Still water, like a waterscape corridor, runs through the woods. It is a mirror and a waterscape sculpture as well. Water and trees complement each other, eliminating the sense of machines brought by the surrounding buildings. More natural elements are added, making the residence part of nature.

All details have been carefully considered to highlight the aesthetic quality of the materials and techniques, which in turn contributes to the elegance of landscape. Integrating into the classical architectural style perfectly, the landscape makes people feel relaxed through the balance between objects and materials. Courtyards penetrate into each other, presenting a multiple-fold functional space; the holiday-style water shaft connects spaces vertically, solving the problem of height difference and building a multi-dimensional courtyard. The design explores the proportional relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, creating the harmony between architecture and landscape by introducing light, water and green into buildings.

We tried to interpret a modern artistic space into one that people can see, experience, accept, love and miss. Stylish surface helps to create an impressive and interesting environment, which shows the combination of urban living environment and nature, and promotes the neighborhood communication.


 YIDA China
 7500 mq
  1,567,245.27.00 $
 Liu Zhan, Wang Xiaobo, Pax Ju, Liu Zhang, Wen Guofu, Zhu Jianya, Chu Lingwei, Wu Dan, Shi Yabin, Li Yingpeng, Zhou Yang


Our mission is the creation of a built environment through planning and integration, inspired by the existing, respecting nature and culture, providing for the enjoyment of visitors, the celebration of culture, the stewardship of ecosystems and the opportunity for business investment. By applying principles of nature and art, we are able to assemble bespoke teams of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary expert consultants according to each assignment’s unique requirements to create iconic, effective and sustainable eco-projects.



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