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Jiaxing train station park, a city oasis connecting past and future


Landscape  /  Completed

In the past three decades, with rapid urbanization, many large railway stations have been built up in Chinese cities, surrounded by overpasses and huge plazas. The stations cut off urban fabric, and the surrounding areas are usually separated from nearby urban environment. The challenge lies in the fragmentation of urban public space by transportation hubs, broken and passive industrial land, large parking lots, etc.Due to its complexity, the team collaborated closely with design consultants from various disciplines in order to transform Jiaxing railway station into a 35.4-hectare upgraded urban oasis.

The project seamlessly integrates public municipal buildings and transportation hubs into high-quality urban public spaces, while still preserving the unique culture of Jiaxing's old town.

The project encompasses three parts, including the nearly 70-year-old People's Park, the forested North Plaza, and the futuristic South Plaza where the complex acts as city’s transportation hub and accommodates multiple uses.

The People's Park was originally a semi-enclosed park with gates and walls made of stone and wrought iron.It was out of touch with the rest of the city.Nowadays, the gates and were removed,which made the park more accessible to the public, allowing citizens to enjoy the greenery.

Chengdong Road, which used to separate the People's Park from the railway station, was reinvented into an underpass tunnel. The North Plaza is planted with 118 zelkova trees. This pedestrian-friendly design offers free circulation, leisure and event opportunities for passengers and citizens.

In this project, it used the latest soil technology which solidifies synthetic organic matter into modules as an artificial planting substrate of much lower weight with automated drip
irrigation system.
Each floor of the South Plaza gathers roof and ground runoff, which is then channeled through a vertical rainwater harvesting system into a 540-ton rainwater tank. This collected
rainwater is utilized for replenishing the waterscape and irrigation purposes.

  • Renewal of People's Park - Preserve Heritage and Cultural Social Spaces
    After undergoing micro-renewal and restoration, the gates and walls of People's Park were removed. While minimizing earthwork, the design team was able to maintain the landscape structures and preserved all 266 century-old trees and 9 ancient buildings. The renovation process included necessary repairs and changes to the footpaths, venues, and ancient buildings. The vegetation under the forest was carefully redesigned.To improve the water quality, gutters, pebble filtration, and aerators were implemented. In addition, the infrastructure was upgraded as well.

  • North Plaza– a Landmark Green space for Urban Gateways
    The railway entrance was relocated on basement level, it is the first time that ground level of railway station is given an opportunity to be a park in China. The North Plaza is planted with 118 zelkova trees. This pedestrian-friendly design offers free circulation, leisure and event opportunities for passengers and citizens.
    Water cascade served as transition from the modern North Plaza to the traditional People’s Park and connection from the old to the new.

  • South Plaza – Land art and Rooftop Gardens
    Green roof gardens and grass slopes cover the buildings, deviating from the typical design of transportation hubs in China and merging architecture with landscape. The rooftop of the bus station was designed as a train viewing platform, which is also the first one in China.

The new landmark of Jiaxing has been warmly embraced by both passengers and citizens, reviving the vitality of the old town and bringing joy to people. It serves as a cultural bridge between the past and the future, maximizes green coverage, becoming "a city oasis connecting the past and future".This project establishes a new benchmark for improving the preservation of heritages and creating modern, accessible public open spaces in Chinese cities.


 Jiaxing Modernservice Industry Development & Investment (Group) Co,. Ltd
 354000 mq
 Liangjun Zhou, Ting Zhou,Zhonglin Gao. Pei Han. Fang Qin. Liping Chen. Hao Li. Chang Sun.Yuan Man. Xin Li. Qiuyu Zhang. Cen lv.


Founder of Z'scape Mr. Zhou Liangjun has rich experience in both domestic and overseas work. He has years of practical landscape design experience in London, UK. He has worked on various types of projects such as urban public open space, commercial complex, boutique hotel and resort landscape design. He provides wonderful and feasible concepts, planning and design solutions for worldwide projects and has practical works in Europe, the Middle East and China.
Firmly believing that design is of great value, Z’ scape is committed to the research and practice in the fields of landscape, art and design. We constantly pursue the modern naturalism and the aesthetics of landscape, explore local characteristics and design elements in every project, and emphasize the relationship between human beings, culture and nature. We are dedicated to creating artistic, cultural and sustainable landscape space which will allow people to experience the vitality of the landscape and immerse themselves in it


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