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Yuexiu Flourishing Bay Sales Center, a rich visual experience

Poetic Space Design

Interior  /  Completed
Poetic Space Design

For the first time, poetic space design seeks to utilize architectural design techniques to echo the space and the shape of the site, with horizontal and vertical lines to explore the full extent of the site structure, which is done in order to make the most use of the original building space. The large space is broken down and reorganized using volume suspension cutting, and the free and flexible flowing poetry of art space is rebuilt through the dynamic line layout of space demarcation, penetration, and flow. With "empty" as the core, the design of the case considers factors from the dimension of time and space.

The power of nature is considerably bigger than we can comprehend, and it is constantly changing. By pursuing the art of earth symbiosis, adhering to the law of natural growth, and incorporating natural elements into every corner of the space, indoor landscapes and outdoor natural scenery echo each other inside and outside, giving the space a unique vitality, and fostering a welcoming art space atmosphere. The interior should complement the architecture and have a dialogue with it in order to give the area a distinctive creative personality. In an effort to explore a spiritual resonance beyond material resonance in the flowing poetry, the designer gives more thought to the space’s long-term sustainability and constructs an art field with temperature.

The limitations of the space enact the commensurate concessions. The sculpture of a fantastical person with textures of bronze and glass interacts with the top fake skylight. The designer improves the "sea" elemants and pays close attention to how space nodes expressed themselves artistically. The scarpa's architectural details are highlighted by the transparent water drop art installation, the rough Nicke stone on the wall surface, the lemon jade transparent stone flowing in the corner, and the art hanging paintings that are interwoven into three-dimensional woven graphics like the undulating waves on the sea. They hold the connection between the local and the universal, resulting in static or dynamic space emotions.

In addition to the physical object itself, the location also has the confrontation and fusion brought about by the lines and white space, the soft and vertical texture, the intersection of light and heavy, as if the tide brought by the sea, looking between, looking up at the light in the dark, and staring at the deep pale. The area emphasizes temperament and gives the spiritual realm priority. The hallway is completely covered in a crisp, natural white color. A visual sense of formal order and a somber sense of ceremony are created in the space by the modest nightlight placed in the kicking position. The rest and waiting area's angular geometric components maintain the space's general visual theme. The sophisticated khaki gray leather sofa infuses the room with calmness and leisure, making it ideal for the daily space scene of numerous art shows. The experience of the public space is considered when it is in close proximity to nature, and the space layout can also accommodate the cultural and artistic experiences of the public space. The negotiating area uses a central axis layout, and through a glass curtain wall, the end view and a sofa surround an open viewing core area, forming a complete and free-flowing free line with the sand table, the water bar, and the staircase leading to the third story.

Due to the project's initial beam and column structure's constrained space level, the designer changes the building's dense horizontal curtain wall into a vertical grid with generous spacing. The space's axis and region have been determined after numerous efforts, and the tall, open form and the screen with a shifting longitudinal axis and feeling of sequence give the area a rich visual experience.


 Guangzhou Nansha Kecheng Investment Development Co., Ltd
 Sales Center
 1576 mq
  2,116,626.00 €
 Yan Yingqi, Yuan Yang, Ni Haiyang, Li Ping
 Su Wenjie, Huang Ba, Sun Xiaowei, Zhang Dengzheng, Huang Zhixin
 Xiao En, Ding Chaopan


Poetic Space was established in 2017 and is committed to providing high-quality customized interior and soft decoration design services, focusing on the commercial real estate field. We write poetry in space, aiming to build a platform for excellent domestic interior designers to co create, consistently practicing the concept of "beyond proportion, there is no aesthetics; beyond life, there is no design". Advocate the design expression in the unique context of "poetic oriental", advocate that interior design should start from the concept of architecture and landscape, base on Chinese traditional culture, think about the interdependent artistic language of people, space and the universe from the international perspective of contemporary humanity, and explore the livable practice of material and light interpretation inspired by oriental philosophy.

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