Sheng Menghua - Yincheng · Wuxi Jinglianghe Marketing Center, combining the humanity and hydrology of the local culture
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Yincheng · Wuxi Jinglianghe Marketing Center, combining the humanity and hydrology of the local culture

Sheng Menghua

Interior  /  Completed
Sheng Menghua

The design concept of this case is from the local culture of Wuxi. Starting from the humanism of local culture, the design site of this case is the former site of Rong's flour factory, so the design key of this case is to focus on the development of Rong's enterprises. The Rong family is the first family of Chinese national capitalists. They are the only family in the world that can really be called a consortium. For more than 100 years, three generations of this family have been the richest. The rise of Wuxi industrial and commercial enterprises, represented by Rong's enterprises, has promoted Wuxi to become one of the birthplaces of China's national industry and commerce.

This case is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, at the intersection of Liangxi River and the Grand Canal. Wuxi people are rooted here, and sit at the place where the main city is prosperous and the cultural and commercial arteries meet. The design is based on the Shanghai style, the exchange and integration of Chinese and Western design culture, and the combination of the city's local characteristics and the Shanghai style accent to express the spatial layout.

The case is designed based on the development of Rong's enterprises. In the space, the reception desk in the reception hall uses the textile machinery of Rongshi Shenxin No.3 Factory, which shows the shape of the reception desk through disassembly. At the corridor, the designer displayed the mark of Wuxi's century-old industrial and commercial prosperity - the trademark of the Republic of China in the form of decorative paintings, showing the scale of history. At the same time, the humanity in the space also integrates the culture of the Republic of China. The tea table evolved from the parquet window of the billiard room of Xue Fucheng's former residence and various kinds of old ceramic works of the Republic of China make the style of the Republic of China appear everywhere in the space.

The highlight of the design of this case is to combine the humanity and hydrology of the local culture to create a new and old charm space. At the same time, combine the concept of natural symbiosis to create a symbiotic space of human, nature, culture and art. Therefore, with the Wuxi Canal as the main axis, the hall sculpture uses the elements of hydrological form and traditional vessels, and shows the ups and downs of Rong's century-old journey beside the Jiangnan water city in Wuxi. The depiction of the hanging pictures in the Shenqiao District is also a fusion and collision between the textile technology of Rong's enterprises and the canal culture. The textile materials show the water light of the canal. The exhibition of antique furniture in the Republic of China period, which witnessed the development of Wuxi, was integrated into the space in the area of Sanjiao District. The photos of the display in the cabinet showed the local style and features of the development of Wuxi in recent years, adding to the sense of quality of the space. In the water bar area, the decoration will inject the red bricks of Shanghai style architecture into the decoration, and build it into a small and prosperous pub of the Republic of China, which increases the experience of space.

From the perspective of the hydrology of the local culture, Wuxi is located beside the canal. Wuxi has developed water transportation. The distance from Wuxi to Shanghai is about 150 kilometers. The two cities used to radiate from each other. It is in this way that the Shanghai style culture, the product of the integration of Jiangnan culture and western culture, has emerged.


 Yincheng International
 650 mq
  38,454.00 $
 Sheng Menghua
 Sheng Menghua, Dong Lingxun
 Hanmo (Hangzhou) photography Co., Ltd


Sheng Menghua, founder of Hangzhou Meizhi Design. She has years of rich experience in interior design, has made many classic cases in various fields, and has established good strategic partnerships with many domestic first tier real estate companies. We specialize in providing professional, efficient, and high-quality soft decoration design and customization services for real estate sales offices, model rooms, hotel clubs, high-end private residences, and other spaces. In design, we always adhere to the concept of "aesthetics/life/ultimate", constantly cross boundaries, and maintain the foresight and innovation of the design. Not only creating space, but also viewing the world, loving life, and expressing beauty.


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