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Xiamen Air HQ Complex, a journey into the future

UCD/Urban Collection Design; CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)

Interior  /  Completed
UCD/Urban Collection Design; CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)

The design is based on the development and humanistic perspective of Xiamen Airlines, incorporating the modern office concept into the interior space and using modern design techniques to inject the corporate culture gene into the space, in order to give visitors a variety of experiences at different levels. In the design planning, the service spirit of Xiamen Airlines is always implemented into every detail of the space. The connection between services and individuals requires space as a carrier, and through the construction of suitable living and working spaces, employees who are trapped in workstations are released from their isolated work space to serve their daily work, social and spiritual needs.

Xiamen, alias Heron Island, is an important seaport and central city on the southeast coast of China. The project is located in Xiamen's cross-strait financial center area, adjacent to the scenic area, business district and industrial park. Xiamen Airlines has become a pioneer in the reform and merger and restructuring of China's civil aviation in its continuous reform and innovation. Combining the local culture and geography, the design takes the egret and aviation as inspiration, with the keynote of looking back to the past and looking forward to the future, using a groundbreaking design vocabulary and artistic expression to inject Xiamen Airlines' corporate culture and humanistic sentiment into the steel and concrete, creating a city museum of time and space.

The design of the office space breaks away from the traditional office design and incorporates the concepts of efficiency, humanistic care and green sustainability throughout the design. The designers have brought greenery into the interior space with large moss walls and a variety of vibrant greenery, which is integrated into the interior through a variety of different elements. Rich colors and warm eco-friendly materials in wood, a large number of floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls allow sunlight to penetrate into all spaces, which saves energy and warms up the space at the same time. The designers have used carpet products with environmental credentials such as LEED-CI and Cradle-to-Cradle.

Continuing the rational expression of the building, the interior lobby space, in a classical, rational and technological tone, responds to the rationality and restraint of the aviation people with simple, clean lines, creating a museum of time and space belonging to the people of Xiamen Airlines. The large stone engine art installation wall is the visual core, with a strong sense of sequence and depth. The space is systematically focused while maintaining a flexible framework. Diverse working facilities shape a shared workspace that can be maximized, allowing employees to choose the most suitable way of working according to their own needs, changing the boring traditional office pattern and reinventing the brand culture and a new office concept. In terms of design, it breaks through the constraints of traditional office space. The design team thought about the space based on office care to achieve a subtle harmony between environment and architecture, structure and art, life and experience. The designers hope to evoke a resonance between people and nature, nourish people's artistic and spiritual world, and give them a more interesting and immersive scene experience, as well as a more diverse aesthetic perception of lifestyle, in addition to the changeability of the space's functions. Through the blurring, intelligence and multi-functionality of the area's functions, the birth of diverse spaces is created, allowing lifestyles and social experiences to intermingle.

The design incorporates modern office concepts, humanities and art, and sustainability into the interior space, expressing the company's expectation of "a new journey, a voyage into the future".


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 UCD/Urban Collection Design; CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) Ltd.


UCD (Urban Collection Design) is a sub-brand of CCD (Cheng Chung Design) that focuses on serving urban public space and corporate headquarters.

UCD inherits the cultural gene of CCD and continues to expand its commercial design in global cities. With its rich experience in international project design and management, it provides customized design solutions for the entire industry chain including corporate super headquarters, industrial parks, complexes, and commercial centers. UCD has served more than 100 global top 500 companies. While global corporate headquarters are deployed in the greater bay area, UCD has completed the design and implementation of more than 50 well-known corporate super headquarters and commercial spaces in the greater bay area.

By introducing the concept of low-carbon and sustainable design, UCD uses the power of design to stimulate positive change in the city and grow with the city while taking into account the commercial success of the owners.


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