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Villa Rinaldi, warm and cozy living spaces

Iraci Architetti

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Iraci Architetti

The main goal of the project is to unify the geometry of the elevations by restoring the rooms of the villa to a strong visual and functional relationship with the outdoor garden through the installation of large windows. This analysis determines the key elements of the project, its objectives and the design choices made. The existing structure had irregular elevations and a poor relationship with the outdoor garden. The project idea aims to solve these problems, improving the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the building. The project includes the installation of a brise-soleil system along the building elevations in order to create a unifying element.

The renovation project of this residential construction, with three levels above ground, with a swimming pool in the basement and a large living room in relationship with the outside through large windows, aims to create a visual and spatial continuity between the garden, the pool and the interiors of the house.Paola Lenti's furnishings, with their green tones that recall the colors of the garden and the blue of the pool, contribute to creating a harmonious atmosphere. On the ground floor, we find a large living room that opens to a large outdoor area through large sliding glass windows. This living space is designed to be bright, welcoming and in close contact with the surrounding nature.

Externally, the villa is clad in a skin consisting of a wooden brise-soleil, which wraps around the entire building giving it a distinctive appearance, helping to define the aesthetics of the building and providing sun protection. The wooden brise-soleil is designed in such a way that it can be opened at the windows, allowing for the regulation of natural light intake and the creation of dynamic shadows along the facades. This not only contributes to thermal comfort within the building, but also creates a uniform and harmonious appearance to the elevations. Additional strength is the meticulous study of furnishing elements that blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

This architectural solution provides an opportunity for residents to create warmth and coziness within living spaces. The shades and textures of wood, visible through the brise-soleil openings, create a feeling of warmth and a natural feel within the villa. The effect is amplified by the sunlight filtering through the openings and creating plays of light and shadow within the rooms.


 3000 mq
 Iraci Architetti
 Arch. Antonio Iraci Arch. Carla Maugeri Arch. Nicholas Iraci Geom. Concetto Pidatella Arch. Mario Renda Arch. Serena Vivirito Ing. Paola Giuffrida Arch Veronica Perricone Arch. Simone Celeste Arch. Carla Nicolosi Arch. Giada Straci Arch. Elisabetta Fabroni


Antonio Iraci was born in Misterbianco on April 11, 1961. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Reggio Calabria 1988, with highest honors. Founded the firm in January 1989 with the intention of opening an architectural laboratory that uses design opportunities as an area of research and experimentation. The studio deals with private residential construction, commercial, industrial and public works, hospitality facilities and industrial design, comprehensively managing the creation process from conception to construction site. In the course of his extensive professional activity, he creates small- and large-scale architecture, directing all compositional choices toward a strong figurative deviation of the project from the existing and leading, in this way, the experimentation of a new aesthetic conception through the signs of pure minimalism.


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