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The Velvet Touch, a modern and captivating residence in Milan

Studio D73

Interior  /  Completed
Studio D73

Torre Solaria, one of Europe's tallest residential towers, proudly graces the heart of Milan in the Porta Nuova district. It is celebrated for its contemporary and distinctive design, characterized by its slender form and glass façade, which bestow upon the building an elegant and innovative appearance, setting it apart in Milano's urban landscape. The double penthouse, designed by Studio D73, grants exceptional cityscape views as its standout feature. Inspired by the extraordinary panorama of Milan, the design concept has given birth to luminous and spacious interiors, meticulously tailored to meet the needs of the client and the house's guests. The overarching goal is to create an environment that exudes glamour, warmth, and modernity, forging an atmosphere of perfect harmony.

The inherent potential of the tower's large windows and generous exposure became immediately apparent, inspiring Studio D73 to create spaces that evoke profound emotions within the apartment. The residence benefits from outdoor areas on multiple levels, including a panoramic terrace that overlooks iconic landmarks such as the Unicredit Tower and the BAM, a contemporary garden nestled in the heart of Milan that offers cultural experiences in harmony with nature. It was decided that the primary rooms of the house, such as the spacious living area on the lower floor and the master area on the upper floor, would embrace and capitalize on these breathtaking city views. By doing so, the design ensures that residents are continually immersed in the captivating panorama, amplifying their connection to the vibrant cityscape.

The engineering design of the technical aspects was carried out in parallel with the interior design to ensure a comfortable environment in the residence. A dry underfloor heating system and a ceiling cooling system have been installed. Additionally, an efficient home automation allows for convenient management of all systems through a smartphone in order to avoid any waste of energy. The project was completed in January 2023 and certified with the highest standards on the market as regards energy-saving systems.

Immersed in the extraordinary beauty of Milan, Studio D73 has passionately crafted an environment where the boundaries between inside and outside dissolve, guaranteeing a majestic view from every corner of the apartment. Within this realm of classic contemporary design, the living areas seamlessly blend, orchestrated like a symphony, where the staircase, corridors, and passageways merge harmoniously into the expansive openness of the living room.

The custom-designed staircase, crafted with masterful skill, stands as the heart and soul of the living area, bridging at the same time the vibrant energy of the daytime realm with the serene tranquility of the nighttime space. Ascending to the upper floor, the environment reveals a realm in which each space possesses a distinct identity.

A moment of pure splendor awaits within the suite, where panoramic windows surround the viewer, offering a 360-degree embrace of Milan's majestic skyline. This floor also features two spacious walk-in closets, splendid bedrooms with private bathrooms, a convenient laundry room, and a dedicated space for service staff.

Guided by a deep understanding of clients' desires and aspirations, Studio D73 has meticulously designed bespoke furnishings that breathe life into each space, embodying unique essence and personal style.

A carefully orchestrated lighting design bathes each room in a captivating aura, perfectly attuned to the natural ebb and flow of light, evoking profound emotions.

Modern and captivating, within a city that is always on the move and in continuous growth, the residence designed by D73 allows you to live in total relaxation, admiring a natural panorama such as the Alps, in contrast to the vibrant style of Milan.


 Private Residence
 500 mq
 Studio D73
 Arch. Andrea Viganò & Arch. Marco Vismara, Arch. Francesca Signorini, Arch. Paola Salvini, Arch. Fabio Fanelli
 Officina D73
 Voltaire Lighting Design
 Antrax, Ariostea, Aster, Barausse, Ce.Sa.-Ceramiche Santin, Fratelli Pizzagalli, Sangiorgio Mobili
 Matteo Imbriani


Studio D73, with its motto "Progettiamo la tua passione" aspires to create a remarkable journey, fostering deep connections with clients and transforming their dreams into reality.
Since its establishment in 2007, D73 has been the driving force behind unique projects, including hotels, spas, villas, luxurious residences, and sports centers. Guided by Italian flair and unrivaled expertise in interior and furniture design, the studio showcases an extraordinary portfolio defined by timeless allure and scrupulous attention to detail.
Headquartered in Brescia, Italy, Studio D73 extends its reach through international offices, crafting remarkable projects in Cyprus, the Emirates, Georgia, Eastern Europe, and beyond. Leveraging a highly efficient team of professionals, the studio amalgamates architectural finesse and interior design expertise with an innate sense of Italian beauty, resulting in refined spaces that epitomize elegant and captivating design.

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