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Shenzhen Prince Bay One Ninety-Five Apartment, merging French elegrance and local heritage

WOWU Art Consultancy; CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)

Interior  /  Completed
WOWU Art Consultancy; CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)

The design concept was inspired by Ernest Hemingway's book A Moveable Feast, in which the description of Paris inspired the designer to imagine what a city might look like. The project uses the design DNA of East meets West combined with French elegance to interpret our ideal urban living space, incorporating Western culture and local humanistic heritage. The designers have embodied the aesthetic with Eclectism approach. The most valuable and essential parts of each style are taken and then arranged and reorganized to achieve visual harmony and balance, creating the ultimate aesthetic presentation.

The project is located by the bay harbor, with the city view and the endless sea view. Taking advantage of the surrounding scenery, the designers wanted to establish a relationship between life and the city with the concept of utopia, presenting an artistic and lifestyle that encompasses humanities and art era, allowing people to experience the harmony between prosperity and tranquility, art and life. The space is imaginatively designed to create another layer of social space within people. Based on the vision of the booming Bay Area city, it leads to a reflection on how to renew the new living pattern. The design not only focuses on material aspirations, but also uses local culture to build a multifaceted scene and engage the senses to bring about an extraordinary living experience.

Taking "Prosperity in the Time Tunnel" as the design theme, it interprets the French romance under the oriental artistic conception. The overall space decoration is based on neutral colors, and materials such as metal and glass create an elegant texture and elegant atmosphere. The addition of matte black adds a touch of oriental mystery. The symmetrical layout and artistic structural treatment make the whole space have its own characteristics. The unique display method and experience reflect the artistic attainment and spiritual taste of the design. At the same time, it also shows a real comfortable living space and realizes people's imagination of future living experience.

Art is the emotional expression of the relationship between man and space, the reproduction of the spirit of life, and space is the carrier for art to be shown. The art of the project not only limited to artworks, but also in the soft furnishings of the entire space, which add to the artistic atmosphere of the space, blending and reflecting each other. The choice of artwork is mostly in elegant and atmospheric forms, blending the elegance of the East into the French style, outlining delicate surprises even in the smallest corners. The theme of the wall painting in the entrance hall is "GERMAIN", the idea comes from the Danube River, the golden background of the picture is dotted with lake blue, which is an artistic expression that integrates the temperament of the space and has its own story background.

The most attractive aspect of the project is not only the composition of a space inside or the shape of a piece of furniture, but also the representative French elegance of the lifestyle that is created within this spatial aura that combines cutting-edge, artistic and social.


 354 mq
 WOWU Art Consultancy; CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) Ltd.; Tristan Auer


WOWU Art Consultancy creates and curates refined, exquisite, and unique art collections for luxury properties around the world. It brings artistic creation and soft furnishing into a balance union. With reliance on the foundation of CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) Ltd., WOWU brings together original artwork production, soft furnishing design and product, furniture, lighting and customization into one main operation to create a consummate, original and professional artwork and furnishing design service.

Wowu has also forged artistic and professional cooperation with art schools, professional groups, artists, domestic and foreign galleries, auction houses and other creative platforms to develop original artwork creation, with online and offline artwork transaction, artwork collection development and other art related services.


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