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Kaizen Campus, a work environment that nobody wants to leave


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In recent years, the global health crisis has caused, or in many cases accelerated, the creation of new data for businesses, changing the daily lives of employees and perceptions of efficiency. Kaizen Gaming, is already implementing the hybrid working model, in which employees have the flexibility to combine office-based work and telecommuting, ensuring productivity and employee satisfaction with the best possible management. Thus the architectural approach of Kaizen Campus was based on this model from the very beginning. The aim is for the new building to provide the company's people with a working environment that allows them to perform at their best, while being able to accommodate further staff growth.

Kaizen Campus is located in the area of Neratziotissa, in northern Athens. The proximity of building's entrance to the traffic hub of Neratziotissa was a key design parameter that encourages the use of public transport, aiming at reducing emissions due to the excessive use of private vehicles. Additionally, the building contains covered parking spaces for bicycles and changing rooms with showers, as an additional incentive to use bicycles. A special requirement of the building's users was the possibility of access to the second floor using a scooter, which was a challenging element for the interior design. It, therefore, seems that the present conditions of moving around the city by scooter or bicycle (micro-mobility) are significant factors for the future of the corporate office design.

The architectural design of the Kaizen Campus interiors was shaped by Kaizen Gaming's need to house its growing organization in a new modern building that can adapt to the evergrowing demands of the contemporary office culture and the hybrid work model established due to the coronavirus pandemic. Its main functions include three types of closed offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, and a reception area. Based on the needs of each Kaizen Gaming department, each space is designed accordigly. The work areas provide a gradation of work-styles, from individual to teamwork, accommodating the needs for adaptability and collaboration. Groups of 4, 6 or of even 8 people can be formed spontaneously with the use of an agile desk. The engraving of the floor follows an organic form that emphasizes the fluidity of the space. Quality braided vinyl flooring was used for the final finish of the flooring. Apart from the aesthetic effect, it contributes significantly to the space's acoustics. The flexible magnetic rail system that is used for the lighting can be adapted and converted for multiple future uses. The implementation of the corporate identity in the building is achieved by placing sculptures depicting the company's values, designed by the French graphic designer Jerome Masi and made by the sculptor Theodoros Frastanis.The LEED Gold certification's requirements acted as a key factor in the selection of materials that ensure the good health and overall well-being of all employees.

Kaizen Campus is the definition of a work environment that no one will want to leave. That's because it is designed with Kaizen Gaming's needs and characteristics in mind from the outset to provide the best possible working environment. Of course, this happens because the company's people, the 1700+ Kaizeners working for the 12 countries in which Kaizen Gaming currently operates, are the driving force behind its successful journey and its main priority.


 Kaizen Gaming
 Office Space
 14138 mq
  NaN.00 €
 Partner in Charge: Tasos Georgantzis, Lead architects: Christina Petsiou, Meni Kontakioti, Supervisor Architect: Ioanna Alexi
 Design team: Ioanna Tzampazi, Mary Mavrogennidou, Alkistis Broutzou, Natasa Zarogoulidou, Eleni Chousen, Eleni Marmaridou, Rania Pantzi, Iris Triantafillidou, Sofia Nikopoulou, Iro Chatzivasiliou, Evaggelia Tsoutsa, Environmental Graphics/ Wayfinding Graphics: Athina Rizopoulou
 Ballian Techniki S.A.
 Structural Study: P. Panagiotopoulos and Co., Mechanical Study: Dase Engineering, Sound Study: G. Hatzigeorgiou Acoustical and Civil engineers, Malleus & Stapes Acoustic consultants, Landscape Architecture: E. Pagkalou and Co., Interior Lighting Study: Lighting Architecture Studio, Exterior Lighting Study: Yard, Lighting Art George Tellos, Environmental Study: Dromos
 Lighting Art Tellos - Exterior Lighting (designers), George Vargiamis - Metal Constructions, Kone - Lifts, Inmind, Dimitris Papanikos - Interior Flooring, Inmind, Dimitris Papanikos - Dividers, Kostas Gerondidis - Kitchen Furniture, Lash Studio (consultancy), Bright (suppliers) - Lighting (design, lighting fixtures), Intelspes - Audiovisual Systems, Kave Home - Furniture, Greenoffice, EKA, Tsaoussoglou, SATO, ASSET - Office Furniture
 Kim Powell Photography


Urban Soul Project was founded in 2009• with offices both in Athens and in Thessaloniki, it is one of the largest architectural practices in Greece. Many of the company’s works have been awarded and published repeatedly in Greece and abroad, and it has completed LEED & WELL certified projects. USP provides design services and technical consulting of all scales [architectural design, interior design, branding & styling] for all project categories [offices, hotels, shops, F&B, and homes] in Greece and abroad. With a wide range of more than 95 skilled professionals, USP has the experience and know-how to oversee the project through all stages of design, licensing, and construction.



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