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ELAS Headquarters, a real estate boutique in the center of Milan


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ELAS is a boutique real estate company founded by brothers Manuel and Stephan El Shaarawy and Aurel and Bjordi Asllanaj, specialising in the brokerage of prestigious properties. The architecture and interior design studio Archventil recently designed their offices in Milan. The concept was born from the client's need to have an office with a domestic flavour, as the claim of the company 'Home, a love affaire' expresses a new format in the real estate sector: ELAS is a boutique, more than an agency, with the mission of making the customers feel at home, offering high-tailored consultancy and maximum confidentiality. ELAS offices had to reflect this spirit. Favored by the initial distribution of the space, an apartment, Archventil designed an office with home, bistro, and art gallery echoes.

ELAS headquarters are hosted within the historic complex of Case Boinaiti and Malugani, designed by the architect Giovanni Muzio, in Piazza della Repubblica in Milan. The biggest challenge was bringing together the aesthetics of the current building, and of elements that were already present, such as windows and flooring, with the clean contemporary style. Also finding a solution to adapt the initial distribution of spaces, the plant was an apartment one, to an office context. It was crucial to open the spaces while maintaining privacy at the same time.

Being the space located in a historic building in Milan, the pre-existent structure had to be maintained, so there were no major demolitions during the restyling process, and sustainability was achieved through the reuse and conservation of what was already present in the space. Archventil studio worked on the interior design preserving many elements such as the wooden floor, the windows, the intrados, and the air conditioning system, in order to produce less waste and to make sustainable design choices.

The combination of classic and contemporary creates a sense of welcome that is perceived right from the welcome room, where a large custom sofa gives the comfort of a living room, while circular tables and poufs recall a French bistro.

The reception is designed like a home office, with a mid-century desk, an elegant armchair, and artworks by Giorgio De Chirico and Giorgio Morandi that transform ELAS into an art gallery.

The operations room is located beyond a glazed sliding door that isolates it acoustically and conceptually: a visual opening that expresses transparency and trust through the interior architecture. The Loehr table for shared work hides cables and wiring inside, keeping the space tidy. The light tones of the walls and ceiling, the warm tones of the parquet, and the black of the table work together to create a sense of stability and tranquility.

In the meeting room, a sculptural Desalto metal table fits into a context enriched by a wall with wainscoting and niches, while the soft armchairs reproduce the theme of the home, without losing the tone of seriousness. Some accessories from Salvatori's marble and metal office collection decorate the table.

The administrative office is equipped with two workstations and a bookshelf offering plenty of space for books and documents. In front of this room, is the service area with custom-made furnishings. Folding doors hide the kitchen, while a wardrobe with hinged doors hides the technical spaces.

'Working with Archventil has been a natural process. Right from the start our focus was to transfer our wishes to Elena, however, leaving free rein to her creativity. She immediately understood our needs, arriving in a few weeks at what we wished. The Archventil team is made up of very kind, patient, and professional people; they are fast, intuitive, and with excellent taste. One of the best studios in Milan.' Aurel and Bjordi Asllanaj, Co-Founders of ELAS Real Estate


 ELAS Real Estate
 100 mq
 Colorsled, Desalto, Egoluce, Loehr, Orac Decor, Salvatori, VIVA porte
 Alessandro Santi


Archventil is an international studio specialising in architecture and interior design founded by the designer Elena Tomlenova in Milan in 2012.
A multidisciplinary team works on architectural, residential, and commercial projects with a systemic approach aimed at realising spaces that give value to the experiences of those who live in the spaces. Archventil's creations are characterized by an international and contemporary taste that intercepts the interest of the cosmopolitan client, but the studio is capable of interpreting the genius loci by placing each project in its own context.
In the last two years, the studio has carried out around 150 projects in Italy and abroad.


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