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Cushman & Wakefield offices in Milan: a smart, efficient, technological, and sustainable place

C&W Project & Development Services Team

Interior  /  Completed
C&W Project & Development Services Team

Offices to be lived in, where people work with the sensation that the space has been designed around them, as if they were in their own home. Spaces conceived with the well-being of individuals in mind, to favor the interaction between different generations and professions.
These are Cushman & Wakefield’s new offices in Milan, awarded the WELL GOLD Certificate.
Designed according to the “Total Workplace Ecosystem”, they improve the day-to-day employee experience and the workplace organisation based on the “Activity based working”approach: a system with fewer fixed workstations and more shared, open spaces, which accommodate both individual and collective tasks, while at the same time fostering human interaction. A smart, efficient, technological, and sustainable place.

The office spreads over one floor located in a neo classic building dating 1930 and called "Palazzo Montecatini". The building is right in the heart of the historical Milan.
These new spaces, on the 5th floor, represent Cushman & Wakefield’s answer to the “offices of the future” theme. Indoor plants combined with the view of the Indro Montanelli park offers psychological and physical benefits.

Employee well-being has been a core element in the design and building of these spaces. The project has been awarded the WELL GOLD Certificate.
The protocol requirements are extensive and include aspects related to both the configuration of the spaces and the services made available to employees. Particular care has been given to the technology to monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, drinking water and power supply in general, as well as providing suitable lighting for each work situation, sound absorption in open-plan areas and sound insulation in meeting rooms and enclosed spaces. All materials, colours and finishes have been studied to provide comfort and well-being, with a keen eye on environmental sustainability.

The heart of the project is the Business Social Hub. It is a space shared between professionals, visitors, and customers to allow people meet and share ideas / projects. A space of 325 sqm with dynamic workstations, tables, a living-room type area, alcoves, and places for informal chats. A bar with adjoining seats and tables, a big LED-screen on the main wall results in a warmer welcome for customers, to be used for events. Besides the Business Social Hub are: conference rooms equipped with books on art and architecture, a small reading area and a coffee machine, ensuring a more homely atmosphere.
In the operations area, offices are equipped with 148 open space workstations that can be booked via an app, enclosed offices that can be used as conference rooms, alcoves meant for small group meetings and coated in textiles that guarantee excellent sound absorption, phone booths, closed spaces acoustically insulated for individual phone conversations. Also operational conference rooms where it is possible to work with customers face to face or through video conferencing and a Quiet Room with 16 workstations allowing you to concentrate without using your phone. And finally, a Training Room furnished with modular furniture that can be arranged in several different ways and can host up to 25 people. Inside the office space, a Break Area to have a coffee or a quick snack in comfort to enjoy a break during the day. The room includes a smart TV where the day’s news is aired.

"The main function of the new offices will be to favour collaboration, the exchange of ideas between employees, as shown by the research of C&W XSF (Experience per Square Foot). This is why, in conceiving the new offices, we turned around 30% of their total area (520 square metres) into shared spaces. The energy produced by the interaction between individuals is visible and can be felt every day. This is the spirit, the soul of these spaces." Lamberto Agostini, Head of C&W PDS Italy


 C&W (U.K.) LLP
 2300 mq
  2,800,000.00 €
 C&W Project & Development Services Team
 C&W Project & Development Services Team
 C&W Design + Build Italy
 Studio Prometide (MEP) – Paola Tagliaferri (Acoustics) – Studio Lommano (Fire Prevention) – Around Studio (Health & Safety)
 Carpet Flooring (Interface) - Wooden Flooring (Listone Giordano) - Vinyl Flooring (Gerflor) - Gres Flooring (Mirage) - Flase Ceiling (Profilsystem S.r.l.) - Furniture (Cardex: Estel, LaPalma, Herman Miller, Arper, Viccarbe, Carl Hansen & Søn, Zanotta, True Design, Moroso, Muuto, Pedrali, Alias, Slalom) - Custom-made Furniture (Ferrari Arredamenti) Custom-made Kitchen (Fenix) Custom-made Benches (Arredi 3N) - Laminate Flooring (Smar’t) - Lighting (Hi-Lite: Flos, Viabizzuno, Fratelli Guzzini, Davide Groppi) - Glazed Walls and Cabinets (Citterio Arredamenti) - Blinds (Omnitex) - Wall Painting (Sikkens) - Wall Artwork (Sikkens by Anna Resmini) - Fabrics (Vescom) - Wooden Paneling (Akupanel)
 The Jack Stupid


For over 20 years, brands and investors alike have turned to the Cushman&Wakefield PDS Italy Team for a 360° support on their projects, from interiors to whole building refurbishments.

With 50 professionals and multiple active service lines covering consultancy, design, project management and construction services, the Team capabilities span all market sectors and asset classes.

Being embedded within a real-estate firm such as Cushman&Wakefield, we are in a unique position to create for you spaces reflecting the latest market insights on the new ways of working, living and shopping, as well as technically supporting your endeavors along the whole project process.

Our technical offer is now enhanced by our C&W Design + Build, deploying “turnkey” services and a truly integrated vision to ensure the highest quality of the final result.



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