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Contemporary but also avant-garde architectural visions

Giuseppe Todaro Architect

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Giuseppe Todaro Architect

The state of the places consists of a basement rectangle for more than 50% of the perimeter. The design difficulty was linked to the compositional/spatial management and to the relationship between route/permanence, integrating the annexed services and playing with artificial light and natural light, captured only on less than two sides of the planimetric rectangle. The compositional approach focuses on a "broken" wall that develops in depth from the entrance hall, defining a promenade, a perspective direction, a small road that with its changes of direction intrigues the path. In this sense, the entrance hall has a large spatial dimension, a small square from which you can glimpse a small road that continues without letting you perceive the end of the path.

In the cities of southern Italy it is still possible to recognize the urban configuration defined by the Arab rulers of the 9th century, traceable in the road morphology and in the geometric-spatial relationships. Even in the enrichment of successive and continuous transformations and building stratifications, the logic of the urban layout maintains the basic elements of the organization of the road structure for alleys of various conformations, of the "unstructured" road beds for climatic and defensive purposes. The formal reinterpretation of the project, in the planimetric development and in its use, interprets interconnections and spatial relationships, highlighting these morphological/urban and material/perceptive characteristics.

The rooms that open along the promenade follow the tight sequence of the entrance hall, the treatment rooms of the speech therapy studio, the related services and, at the end of the path, the multipurpose room. The latter can, through the different way of assembling tables and chairs, become a conference room, a meeting room and a room for individual treatments through computers arranged along the walls. The hall is perceived in its entirety, where the essential elements create a spatial identity that establishes a dialectical relationship with the rooms of different functional destination and the paths connected to them: a golden wall with specially designed flush-cut doors continues in depth . These perceptual contrasts and this spatial interpenetration are amplified by taking into account both well-studied and integrated artificial lighting and how to make spaces react best to natural light. The plasters are shiny, the floor becomes a covering element going up the entrance wall and those of the bathrooms, and the golden wall with its "broken" and its chromaticism becomes a hinge of interconnections. A fragmentation of the box is created through a game that is not only chromatic but also material/perceptive where all the elements.

I entrusted the task to the architect Giuseppe Todaro sure of his contemporary but also avant-garde architectural visions. He repaid me for the choice by skilfully designing the spaces with a study of lights and colors that immediately satisfied me and my collaborators. What struck me the most? The corridor and its line which, by hiding the final part of the study, creates suspense that amazes those who are frequenting the new structure. (Dott. Giuseppe D'Ales)


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 Giuseppe Todaro Architect
 Giuseppe Todaro Architect
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(Erice 1976) He graduated in architecture in 2002 in Palermo with a thesis on architectural design, supervisor Bibi Leone. He was a contract professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo and assistant to the Architectural Design courses held by Bibi Leone, Giovanbattista Magazz├║ and Marcello Panzarella. Since 2006 he has been a lecturer at the Villard de Honnencourt traveling design seminar. In 2004 he founded the Giuseppe Todaro Architect studio. His activity ranges from architecture to urban planning and interior design, with projects that have had national and international visibility in exhibitions and publications. On 19 January 2013 she met Alvaro Siza Vieira at his studio in Porto with whom she had a conversation published in Muratore di opera grave. Conversation with Alvaro Siza Vieira, LetteraVentidue Editions. In 2020 he won the international prize The Plan Award with the Courtyard Housing B project.

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