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Angsana Chengdu Wenjiang, an urban micro-resort based on healing living

CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)

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CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK)

The hotel offers an urban micro-resort lifestyle with the concept of healing living. The designers have followed the nature, using natural materials, and have completed the design in a natural way, which has transformed the challenges into design inspiration and created the highlights of the project. The architecture is designed to blend into its surroundings using the local ancient architecture as a prototype, and the interior continues the design language of it. Through modern design techniques, cultural features such as sloping roofs, green tiles, earthen walls and bamboo weaving are transformed into artistic elements of the space. The designer uses different cultural elements as differentiating points for each functional space to tell the historical story of Chengdu.

Located in the heart of the rich Chengdu Plain, the hotel is situated across the street from a complex of ancient courtyard-style buildings from the Chinese Qing Dynasty, with a beautiful natural environment and a profound historical heritage. The design hopes to shape a tranquil, back-to-earth poetic courtyard living experience deep within the modern city. Designer used the elements of ancient Chinese Sichuan architecture and bamboo fence courtyard, the unique features like green tiles, earthen walls and bamboo weaving etc., to make every detail of the hotel quaint and natural with the rhythm of the original countryside of Chengdu. With nature materials to interpret the simplicity and seclusion unique to oriental courtyards, providing a place for travellers to rest their souls.

The design of the project focuses on people's physical and mental health, meeting the functional and spiritual needs of different people for the hotel space. Urban living is increasingly concerned with mental health, and a natural, tranquil environment can be an effective way to relieve emotional stress.

The designers have tried to use local and environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. Based on ancient methods and folk craftsmanship, the design highlights simplicity and rusticity, returning to nature and reclaiming history. Natural materials such as bamboo, wood and stone are easy to recycle; the use of local workers and raw materials reduces the carbon footprint and is green and low-carbon while helping local employment and contributing to sustainable development.

The boundary between courtyard and landscape is weakened in the reorganization of the architectural structure. The naturally lit patio and the warmth from the bonfire give the interior a more natural soul. Using time as the semantic element, nature and art are tied together in the selection of materials, colors and decorations to create a long and rhythmic mood. Environmentally friendly materials such as rammed earth, bamboo and wood infuse the hotel with a sense of nature. The design of the all-day dining restaurant incorporates elements of the old courtyard-style architectural layout. The open kitchen, the cooking table and the spaces echo and blend with each other. The space makes extensive use of original wood colors and rustic red bricks, where modern and traditional elements collide to create a rhythm of the ages. The use of bamboo woven elements blends the dining with the local culture, forming a distinctive and unique cultural temperament. The guest rooms are comfortable and cozy, with a simple layout and soft colors giving the space a sense of relaxation and pleasure. Elegant wood finishes link the natural scenery inside and out, with wide, bright floor-to-ceiling windows. Outside, the shadows of the trees are reflected on the walls, giving nature, space and light a tranquil and quiet feel. It is a pure space for the soul, creating a life away from the hustle and bustle, free and spontaneous.

The project has been designed and planned to balance nature, history and culture, aesthetics and spatial functionality to ensure cost control and project quality while meeting the core concept of healing.


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CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) was founded by Mr. Joe Cheng, specializing in providing interior design and consulting services for top international brand hotels. With the whole industry chain operation mode covering hotel, corporate, commercial complex, and high-end residential design, etc. CCD’s international elite team is poised to provide top quality services and product to its clients. The diverse background of the team and its technological expertise allows it to keep abreast of new directions and innovations in the industry.

Since establishment, CCD has awarded more than a hundred of top-notched international design awards. CCD is ranked as #1 in TOP 10 Hospitality in US Interior Design Magazine in 2022. CCD received the "Top 500 Asian Brands" honor in 2019 and 2020. Also, it was listed on the "Top 500 Most Valuable Brands of China" in 2020, with a brand valuation of 9.758 billion, becoming the first and only design brand on the two lists.


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