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Forest Pavilion at The Forestias, welcome to a family and multigenerational destination

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited

Innovation and Design  /  Completed
Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited

Forest Pavilion at the Forestias is a welcome centre to greet residents and guests who will visit the Forestias project which is a mixed-use development in Thailand focusing on creating a happy community that is a Family and Multigenerational Destination. The objectives in the Forestias project are to dwell with the nature and to integrate four intergeneration community so it becomes a role model for sustainable development in Southeast Asia. Forest Pavilion concept was derived from how to create a place to welcome the community for family and multigeneration and how to ensure a comfortable microclimate as well as respect the long rich history of Thai vernacular architecture (Thai traditional house).

Situated within the Forestias Masterplan, the planning of the Forest Pavilion encourages natural ventilation by setting the two enclosure functions aside creating an open central passage through the building that connects the forest and the civic square. By doing so, the passage is also orientated along the north-east and south-west direction aligned with the summer and winter wind. The large, sloping roof with wide overhangs covers over the building and protects occupants from heavy rain and strong sunlight that is typical of the region. The floor to ceiling space is elevated to be higher than average building, so that heat is able to rise, collected above the height of occupants and then eventually vented out.

Forest Pavilion incorporates both passive and active strategies. The project implements a high-performance building envelope with external shading to minimize solar heat gain. The project utilizes a water-cooled chiller system and a high-performance air distribution system, resulting in energy savings of over 25% compared to ASHRAE 90.1-2010 standards. Photovoltaic panels are installed to generate renewable energy. To achieve low impact development goals, the project minimizes potable water usage by installing highly water-efficient fixtures and relies on an on-site stormwater tank for non-potable water demand. An efficient ventilation system ensures fresh air circulation in regularly occupied spaces. Abundant daylight and views to the outside reduce the need for electric lighting.

The Forest Pavilion is located at the centre of The Forestias– a new residential-led masterplan on the outskirts of Bangkok. The pavilion is an ‘experience centre’ showcasing the vision of the project’s concept through immersive and interactive experiences, designed to evoke The Forestias lifestyle. It simultaneously acts as a gateway to the masterplan’s newly created forest, while linking the more public-orientated northern area of the site with the residential south. The pioneering masterplan has been designed around the themes of serving the community and re-establishing a positive connection with nature. The forest defines the essence of the development, significantly enhancing air quality and improving biodiversity in the city. It is a new green space for the public and local residents to enjoy. The brief required a building that will be able to accommodate functional changes so it can be repurposes into a museum in the future. The Forest Pavilion's strengths lie in its sustainable design, impressive energy savings, renewable energy generation, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, integration of natural elements, and commitment to minimizing light pollution. These features collectively create a sustainable, healthy, and harmonious space within the Forestias project.

The Pavilion sits within its Forest. It is a place where all generations can meet and enjoy time together. It is a place for residents and visitors who want to Learn about the vision and experience the Nature.


 Samut Prakan
 6850 mq
  50,000,000.00 $
 Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
 Foster and Partner, DT Design
 Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) Public Company Limited
 EEC Engineering Network, Atelier Ten, TK Studio, BUG Studio, APLD Design
 Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited


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