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Trudo Vertical Forest, a living green heart

Stefano Boeri Architetti

Housing  /  Completed
Stefano Boeri Architetti

In the context of Stefano Boeri Architetti‘s vision for a new architecture of biodiversity, Trudo Vertical Forest applies the Vertical Forest model to social housing for the first time. Designed to accommodate mainly low-income users – such as young professionals and students – the Trudo tower houses flats with low rents but high living quality. The complex vision of “living” coexistence between man and other species is thus amplified in the project into a dual challenge: the possibility of combining the great challenge of the environmental crisis with the urgent need for affordable housing in contemporary cities. The building accommodates 125 units on 19 floors, flexible to meet future needs and capable of defining new housing standards for the sector.

The building, part of the urban renewal plan for ‘Strijp-S’ – a recovery and development plan involving the area formerly belonging to the Philips electronics company, a crucial identity presence in the area, once completely closed to the city but now becoming a new creative hub in Eindhoven – generates a new green habitat for the development of biodiversity within the metropolitan environment, a true ecosystem nourished by the coexistence of more than 70 different plant species, capable of combating atmospheric pollution, absorbing CO2 and fine dust particles, developing the model first experimented in Milan and now in the Netherlands into an expression of a new design paradigm, in which living nature is considered as constituent element of architectural language.

The presence of the vegetation is a useful tool for natural cost reduction: the reduction of the heat island effect and the cooling effect of the trees is really perceptible, and the water vapors produced by the plants extracts heat from the surrounding environment, reducing the need for mechanical air conditioning. The vegetation acts as a filter, resulting in a reduction between the indoor and outdoor temperature in summer and lowering the temperature on the external façade, with a significant saving in energy consumption. Moreover, the water system is conceived as circular: rainwater is collected and stored in 4 tanks of 20.000 liters under the building and reused for irrigation of the various pots. The project won the Energy Global Award and Global Human Settlements Award.

The benefits provided by the project vary and include many aspects. First of all, in relation to the context, the Trudo Tower becomes an attractor for humans but also for plants and animal species, revitalizing in a modern way a historic and today very vibrant district of the Dutch city.

The greatest improvements, however, regard the overall livability: both the neighborhood and, above all, the users of the tower, experience an enrichment in terms of climate, environment and air quality, due to the presence of the vegetation. Moreover, the greenery, entering as a protagonist in the apartments of Trudo Vertical Forest, becomes a completely new element with regard to the type of social housing proposed in the project, elevating the building to an intervention for the community in all respects. Inclusion, biodiversity, attention to the context and the users, are combined in a building designed to be an icon of the new Eindhoven, an example of urban forestation and architectural design of the future.

Finally, the benefits related to the design choices are not to be underestimated: the cost reduction resulting from the technologies and design solutions, such as rainwater recycling, balcony modularity and positioning, and prefabrication, shows how the study did not stop at the design and execution phases, but considered the future maintenance and sustenance of the building.

Trudo director Theo van Kroonenburg: “Thanks to ambition, guts, taking up challenges in an innovative way together and the cooperation with the team of Stefano Boeri Architetti and many other experts, we were able to realize this beautiful building. A living green heart in the bustling Strijp-S area in Eindhoven. Worldwide, the Trudo Tower is the first Vertical Forest designed especially for the social rental sector"


 the Netherlands
 Sint Trudo
 Social housing
 11500 mq
 Stefano Boeri (Founding Partner), Francesca Cesa Bianchi (Partner)
 Team of preliminary design: Paolo Russo (Project Leader), Giulia Chiatante, Elisa Versari; Team of Detail design: Paolo Russo (Project Leader), Elisa Versari, Lorenzo Masotto
 Stam + De Koning
 Studio Laura Gatti (Botanic design)
 Paolo Rosselli


Based in Milan with offices in Shanghai and Tirana, since 1993 Stefano Boeri Architetti has been dedicated to research and practice mainly in architecture and urban planning, but also in the fields of interior design and culture.
With a constant focus on the geopolitical and environmental implications of urban phenomena, the studio develops architectural and regeneration projects in complex environments and on different continents, promoting and strengthening synergies between all the different public and private players involved in development. This integrated and multidisciplinary approach has allowed Stefano Boeri Architetti to acquire a strongly defined identity and to become a reference point for sustainable architecture, social housing and strategic urban development at different scales, both in Italy and internationally.



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