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Opi, giving a new life and new regeneration to the abandoned area


Housing  /  Completed

This project is our first real estate investment under the “Rethinking Rebuilding” program, the main concept of which is to “rethink” old obsolete buildings, redesigning and regenerating them from architectural and economic point of view. The original building dates back to the years after the Second World War and was intended in part to be a factory for the processing of products derived from the extraction of olive oil and in another part for residential housing. So we thought that this project is the perfect one for giving a new life and new regeneration to the abandoned area.

The main goal is to create a building complex which not only puts in "order" the project area but also gives an architectural quality to the context. Regeneration of that area was shown in different details: reorganization of the green area, using natural materials like wood facades, creating new parking spaces, playgrounds etc. Big windows were designed to give a light concept for the building and for the surrounding area.
As regards the arboreal elements and vegetation, first of all we have preserved all the existing plants of that area excluding those with phytopathologia and those that interfered with the building. The integration with new essences took place according to principles of functional design and capability to harmonize them with the surrounding landscape.

The goal was to create an almost zero energy building, which we managed to do by making all the units in NZEB class. The entire envelope has been designed to allow for the best energy containment in both the winter and summer cycles. The infills were made with 41cm TRIS blocks by Toppetti, with Plastbau slabs. The heating and cooling system was realized on the floor and managed by a hybrid heat pump boiler. The controlled ventilation and humidifier system regulate the internal micro climate and guarantee the best environmental comfort. To support the system, each unit has 4.5kw + 3Kw available for the needs of the condominium areas.
The building was a finalist for the 2022 Poroton Award.

We strongly believe in urban regeneration as an alternative tool to land use which is becoming the real problem of the development of cities as well as small towns. With these assumptions we developed a project that maintained the relationship between the built surface and green areas.
The internal space is characterized by double-height living rooms, by the creation of spaces for smart working, by environmental comfort characterized not only by mechanical systems but also by the relationship between internal and external space.
In an area of 5000 sqm where we have created an ideal place to rediscover the balance between quality of life and nature. We have planted over 1000 plants and bushes, the paths were made only with stabilized gravel to make the area totally draining. We have created four vegetable gardens, one for each unit complete with a greenhouse and a common play area for children. The success for us in this project was to see the bees pollinating the flowers.

OPI has seen us engaged in the double role of designers and promoters for a project that had a long process of authorization (2018-2020). With OPI we wanted to demonstrate that investing in Architecture instead of speculative building, is a good deal not only for the developer but also for the territory. With this optimism we have donated to the local community the lighting of the cycle path that connects Castel Gandolfo with Albano Laziale and which is already used by citizens in the evening.


 Castel Gandolfo
 Euclide Finance srl
 770 mq
  1,200,000.00 €
 Giorgio Pini
 Annapina Di Filippo, Nicola Zarra, Zamira Imeramzayeva, Francesco Squasi, Zemfira Mammadova
 Alta Irpinia Service srl
 Proimpianti srl
 Toppetti, Marazzi, Grohe, Zucchetti, Rehau, Immergas, Bticino, Devoto Design, Artceram, Ponzio, Poliespanso, Icaminfissi, Imec Service, Tutor International, CP parquet, Unopiù, Vilpe, Ferrero Porte, Dierre, Helios, Tamburini Prefabbricati.
 Yekaterina Zusmann


DRA&U envisions beauty and organization as a philosophy bringing strength and flexibility as a daily requirement. DRA&U operates currently in a dozen countries that span between Europe, North Africa, Asia and South America. DRA&U was represented at national and international events such as PIDA (International Architecture Prize for the best hotels and SPA), WAF (World Architecture Festival), MIPIM, ASTANA ARTFEST and various conferences. In 2013, DRA&U opens its branch in Almaty city, Kazakhstan, starting its work in Central Asia. In 2014 in London was founded DRA&U ltd. In 2017 DRA&U decides to operate directly in the real estate market with an urban regeneration program called Rethinking Rebuilding. In 2018, founder Giorgio Pini and his partner Jonathan Arbib decided to create a spin off called DRA&U++. Since its foundation the purpose of DRA&U was to create an interaction between digital technologies and architecture as a tool for constructive and social development for the cities.


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