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One at Palm, the ultimate luxury residential waterfront project


Housing  /  Completed

The development aimed to be the ultimate luxury residential waterfront project, featuring an exclusive beach club and residents' facilities.

We aspired to create a prestigious and opulent residential development that could rival the world's best. Each apartment was meticulously designed to the highest standards, capitalizing on the stunning waterfront location and unobstructed sea views. The project aimed to offer a unique and fully serviced lifestyle for high net worth owners, accommodating their families and staff.

Exploring an elevated arrival section to capture panoramic views of the pool, landscape, and beach areas was considered. Penthouse residents enjoyed exclusive privileges, ensuring seamless access to their private lobby and lifts.

The project proposes a new standard of living through its unique design based on the culture in which it is set. It takes full advantage of the panoramic views of the Palm to the North and the Dubai Marina to the South, while simultaneously providing a sense of arrival and iconography for the entrance to both the project and the entire island. The residences are arranged methodically, through an extensive process of adjacency and view studies, in order to achieve unobstructed, plunging views while maintaining the privacy of each residence. One at Palm gives each unit its own private garden terrace as well as views both across the Palm and the Marina. This is not only an unprecedented interior and exterior environment, but creates quite literally a transparent building.

Tebodin has been commissioned to perform an Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed residential development. The EIA ssessment is a requirement to obtain an Environmental Clearance from the Nakheel Sustainability and Environment Department and EHS Trakhees. A final approval was obtained in 2015.

A rainwater is collected in an underground storage tank and after a treatment, the water is stored in irrigation recycled water tanks.

The building's roof is coated with a reflective white membrane, made from plant-based materials, to reduce solar warming.

Solar shades in the form of white slab edges/canopies provided solar shading.

The building incorporated greenery on the ground floor, upper ground, roof, and all planters on every floor.

One at palm sets a precedent for a new standard of living with unique design, and respect for its cultural setting. The project was crafted by an international team of cutting-edge taste makers with SOMA as the architect, world renowned Vladimir Djorovic as the landscape architect, and Japanese firm Superpotato as the interior designer. It is the first building in Dubai to promote the use of outdoor space in Dubai, whereby each apartment is designed with an equal amount of indoor and outdoor space. Upon its completion, One at palm broke the record of the most expensive real estate in the Arab world. The luxury features included within each unit are an expansive double height terrace with a pool and flowing view. With a pool for each apartment and three common area pools for residents and their guests, the design achieves a record-breaking number of 93 pools within a single residential building. Not only is One at Palm, record-breaking in luxury and price, but also in structural engineering. Each floor cantilevers 7 meters out on all sides, with only 20 columns in the entire building. Conceived from the inside-out, the driving force of One at Palm was to craft a bespoke interior space suited to the lavish lifestyle of its residents, with the combination and emphasis of seamless indoor and outdoor living.

We are thrilled to introduce our extraordinary architecture project, a testament to our vision and unwavering commitment to excellence. With great pride, we present a masterpiece that seamlessly blends innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. This project embodies our unwavering dedication to creating spaces that inspire and leave an indelible mark. From the initial concept to the final execution, we have collaborated with the brilliant team of architects and designers of SOMA.


 United Arab Emirates
 850000 mq
  300,000,000.00 $
 Michel Abboud, Steven Townsend, Fady Stefan, Kamil Carneki, Wissam Salameh,
 Brookfield Multiplex
 Architect of Record: Arex ; Landscape Architect: Vladimir Djorovic ( ; Interior Design: Superpotato ( ; Structural Engineer: BG & E Engineering ( ; MEP Engineer: Clarke Samadhin Associates (


SOMA, an NYC-based architecture firm since 2004, blends craft, technology, and environmental responsibility. Their boundary-pushing designs have garnered acclaim worldwide. With expertise in luxury residential, hospitality, commercial, and mixed-use projects, SOMA operates globally in markets like Dubai, California, Doha, and more. Their mission involves close collaboration with clients, solving design problems systematically, and addressing concerns early on. With a problem-solving approach, a decade of experience, and collaborations with experts and developers, SOMA delivers award-winning projects of all scales. They prioritize efficiency, fast idea generation, and meticulous attention to detail while maintaining the highest standards of design and execution.

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