Studio Vittorio Neirotti - Casa Tiziano, apartments surrounded by green along the Po river
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Casa Tiziano, apartments surrounded by green along the Po river

Studio Vittorio Neirotti

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Studio Vittorio Neirotti

The concept focused on giving priority to the view towards the green of the Valentino Park and Po river. This objective has been achieved by rotating the axes of the terraces by 20 degrees, so the same volume rotation has been restored on the corner of the public streets generating an articulated joint of building volumes that has resulted the founding idea of the project. In parallel the other key idea concerned the emptying of the first three floors at the corner building allowing to create an glass entrance hall with a remarkable visual impact, able to accentuate the permeability between public and private space and allow the view of the inside green garden. Another characteristic aspect concerns the subtraction and addition of facade elements such as triangular bowindow and loggias.

The project is located in a elegant residential district along the Po river, once home to industrial activities subject to a transformation path. There are residential properties built since the 60’s, alternated with a directional and university buildings. The distinctive aspect of the area concerns to a strong presence of an extensive green strip along the banks river and the background of the scenic hill that characterizes all the eastern side of the city. So the project firstly stretched out with its orientation shape toward the green area and at the same time relates to the neighboring buildings for a consistent use of materials, that highlights the composition volumes through the application of San Marco brick facade,a plastered surface and a portion with ventilated aluminum coating.

The aspects of sustainability and eco-compatibility have been taken into high consideration through an articulated choice of both coating materials to ensure a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, both through the use of advanced plant engineering that use renewable energy sources in particular thanks vertical geothermal probes, heat pumps, photovoltaic system on the roof, VMC with heat recovery and the air conditioning system with system of serpentine on the floor. The project includes to convey the rainwaters from the roof and green areas to a storage tank for the recovery of water for irrigation purposes of the private green garden. All these measures will allow the project to obtain the energy class A4, the maximum achievable.

The strengths of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • A complex composition of the street fronts and the facade towards the garden and the hill with the rotation of the axes project by 20 degrees in relation to the roads delimiting the building lot
  • Accentuation the permeability between public and private space thanks to the emptying of the first three floors of the corner building allowing to create an glass entrance hall with a remarkable visual impact and open the view towards the inside green garden
  • Large sliding glass openings in the living areas prosthetic to the outside thanks to terraces with south-east exposure and minimum area of 12 square meters
  • A very flexible internal distribution that can satisfy the needs of a young couple with ample space for the life of relationship that can become rooms for their children with modest transformations
  • Presence in each apartment of a master room with bathroom and walk-in closets, a second bathroom, a guest service bathroom and a laundry room attached to the kitchen
  • Installation of an advanced plant engineering characterized by underfloor radiant panels, controlled mechanical ventilation system, fan coils in the living-areas like integration to the cooling system.
  • Home automation control of the environmental conditions, of the scenarios of artificial and natural lights and of the anti-intrusion system.

"As client of the work I can express my satisfaction for the attention paid to compositional aspects and those related to the exposure of the interior spaces and the view that each apartment can enjoy towards the green areas of the Po banks and the scenic background created from the hill. Other positive note concerns to functional redevelopment of interior and auxiliary spaces, including underground parking"


 ALPI 18 Srl
 1280 mq
  8,000,000.00 €
 Studio Vittorio Neirotti
 Ing. Vittorio Neirotti - Arch. Elena Neirotti - Arch. Stefano Reghenaz - Ing. Andrea Comino - Arch. Massimo Fassio - Geom. Cristina Ravizzotti - Ing. Giacomo Sorana
 ALPI 18 Srl
 Studio Remonda (imp. meccanici) - Studio Lussorio (imp. elettrici) - Studio Roletti (acustica) - Light Team (illuminazione)
 Schuco - Saint Gobain - Griesser - Mottura - Velux - San Marco - Fassa Bortolo - Knauf - Oikos - Dierre - Garofoli - Scrigno - ABB - Aermec - Siemens - Kone - Novalux - Pan - Duravit - Trapa - Sant'Agostino ceramiche
 Arch. Stefano Reghenaz


Neirotti Studio, based in Turin - via Giambattista Vico n.11, was born in 1977. The activity by the study is directed towards the architectural, structural and plant engineering integral design in the industrial, residential, tertiary and public spectacle field. With regard to structural design the work group is specialized in the steel sector used for construction of bridges and renovation of existing buildings. At the same time the study has developed a great deal of experience in the work supervision with activities related to the management of the contract. The design activity is also aimed at interior planning through the realization of furniture components.


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