Keng-Fu Lo - Flora Chateau, a house inspired by the Chinese philosophy “Yin Yang”
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Flora Chateau, a house inspired by the Chinese philosophy “Yin Yang”

Keng-Fu Lo

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Keng-Fu Lo

Inspired by the Chinese philosophy “Yin Yang,” the architect values how nature should become a counterpart to our living space rather than confining ourselves in a tiny area. Collided with the brightness of the building itself, the trees in the yards balance the space with a vivid waver of the shadow as the sun rises from the East every morning. With the space extending horizontally and the tree growing vertically, the whole building becomes more interesting and facilitative for ventilation and shading as the vegetation filters the air and dust, making a lively atmosphere with a sensitive reflection by highlighting the flow of the wind and the shift of light and shadow, embedding a sense of natural landscapes in human living.

Flora Chateau is in an area where no greenery is planted. However, to break this condition and provide a suitable living area, we decided to go green with the environment by planting a great amount of vegetation. The vegetation density in the architecture has a larger density than most traditional Asian parks, making the private space a greater community for the entire area. It is not only a private garden for the residents but a forest in the city for all humanity.

The architecture construction abandoned traditional Taiwanese construction materials to lighten the building and achieve better constructive efficiency. It reduces the need for materials and provides a stronger architectural structure for anti-seismic. Second, with a proper constructing ratio, we avoid over decorated in the interior design and the construction are materials that will either help reduce energy costs or are made with recycled materials. What’s more, using KIKUSUI coating for the building surface along with the trees, the building itself reduces the need for air conditioning and provide what it needs to hide from the sunlight, which are especially important in tropical areas, minimizing the waste a building would cost both during the construction and after it finishes.

Flora Chateau is a place where our living lies with nature. The intertwined arrangement of the geometry construction and the retracted columns make the three-dimensional space a perfect zone for people to enjoy seasonal changes indoors and the appearance outdoors. In addition, there are plenty of staggers to make sure the privacy of the residents, without worrying to be disturbed by neighbors. The landscape extends vertically to create a broader view, as a symbol of living positively and thrivingly. The outer cantilever beam frame of the building makes the project more modern and liter. It is a place where luxurious material comfort isn’t what matters most, but a sanctuary for those who live inside to find their inner peace with our mother nature. We integrate living space with the natural environment, bringing the idea of "Feng Shui" out to the entire architecture instead just the interior. A space where less is more is created and designed to bring our clients back to nature and live in harmony with ecology.

House is a place where we should be most relaxed, but this cannot be done without the help of nature. Intertwined our living space with nature not only wash away the bustle and hustle of the human world but also bring back a place for the environment to breathe. As an architect who aims to build an environmentally friendly society, this goal is embedded in almost every project design. But in Flora Chateau, this is taken to another level with the traditional Chinese values of our nature.


 642 mq
 Keng-Fu Lo
 Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
 Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute


In 1996, Keng-Fu Lo established Chain10 with the purpose of combining cutting-edge design and research. The firm operates in every sector of design, with each project encompassing climate-focused and sustainable principles and design that integrate internal and external spaces to create harmonious settings. He believes it is important to build connections between people and the environment and strives for consistency in his designs, from architecture to the interiors. Mr. Lo’s degree in clinical psychology from Kaohsiung Medical School and his consciousness of climate change has helped guide his emphasis on the relationship between people, life, and space and allowed his designs to best suit the human experience while not interrupting the environment.
While having no formal training in architecture, he has managed to assemble an impressive array of projects that have won over 220 awards, including the World Architecture Festival Award and the IIDA Global Excellence Award.


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