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Case acCorte, towards a complete architectural sustainability


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Case acCorte is a project bet matured under the aegis of "SuperBonus 110%" incentive, in the belief that even the energy/ structural redevelopment can and must be the "territory" of architecture. Case acCorte combines some abstract and stainless modernist instances with the archetypal and Mediterranean lesson of Living. The attention to the "place", the adaptation of the model to contextual distortions, is the background of this encounter/clash.

The project acknowledges the historical value of the two small pre-existing buildings, now no longer compatible with the building program desired by the client. The impossibility of their today’s "restoration" has shifted the focus on the values expressed by the process of "ruderization" in progress of the buildings: from the surviving fragments of walls emerged themes and suggestions of an archaic beauty (the threshold, the fence, the relationship with the ground and the sky), which archetypes available to the modern project. In a completely natural way, the housing program of the project has turned towards the ancient lesson of Living, with express reference, from the earliest design hypotheses, to the Greek-Roman court house.

Matured under the aegis of the "SuperBonus 110%" incentive, Case acCorte is an architectural bet that aims at full and absolute architectural sustainability, in the belief that even the energy/ structural redevelopment can and must be the "territory" of architecture. The key point of the project is the reuse of recovered materials, old ashlars and surviving stone frames, in the definition of the new front of the intervention. The project obtained first the selection and after a Mention to the Premio Maggio dell'architettura ANNOQUINDICI - 2022 The project participated and was exhibited at the XXXII International Seminar and Prize of Architecture and Urban Culture of Camerino - 2022

The project involves the construction of two units of the courtyard type. In an incredible and unexpected way, during the excavations of the foundation a court house of Hellenistic age was found. The overall planimetric organization adapts the characteristics of the building type to the various irregularities of the intervention lot, providing for both building units a similar, but not identical, spatial articulation: the living area on the southern part of the lot, the patio, the expansion of the living area surmounted by the sleeping area to the north, a small garden behind. The articulation of the interior and exterior spaces is enclosed by an enclosure wall of constant height, above which are "resting" both the horizontal roof plane of the living area and the prismatic volume of the sleeping area.

The articulation of the spaces configures suggestions of the Mediterranean space. The introversion of the house respects the residential program required by the designers.


 Andaloro Massimo
 425 mq
  685,000.00 €
 Arch. Giovanni Fiamingo, Arch. Giovanna Russo, Arch. Domenica Benvenga
 Arch. Giovanni Fiamingo, Arch. Giovanna Russo, Arch. Domenica Benvenga, Ing. Antonino Genovese, Illumina Consulting S.r.l.s.
 Opera Appalti s.r.l.


NextBuild is an architecture studio based in Milazzo, Sicily, founded in 2009 by Giovanni Fiamingo and now managed in partnership with Giovanna Russo. The studio’s design research, oriented to the themes of architectural, urban and environmental redevelopment, explores the compositional aspects of the double relationship between Building and Earth Line, Architecture and Landscape, with insights on the themes of Subtraction, of the Negative, of the Complementary. The projects and works have received numerous awards and have been shown in national and international exhibitions, conferences and publications about architecture.


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